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Thread: Are You going to be legal 2012

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    Are You going to be legal 2012

    Anyone got any info on them the suite 4X4 type vehicles
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    a damn good idea, most motorists no very little about tyres apart from looking to see how much tread is left and wheather they are legal or not, note the only complainent was the second hand car dealer, and you don't come across many poor ones !

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    this is going to be nightmare, knocking out low-priced competitors from the far east will make tyre purchases for most 4x4's a very expensive experience.

    my jeep usually wears michelin's at 275 each + VAT -except for lately, I've been preferring large tread Kumho's, at 75 each including VAT :-)

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    I like the 15 balenced and fitted part worns from the scrappy for my zu zu. A hell of a lot better that the 100 alternative each.

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    Excellent idea, you trust your life, the lives of your family and anyone you might hit to your tyres, fit quality.

    I fitted a set of Grabber AT2s to my Disco 80,000 miles ago, still got another 20,000 in them. Everything from motorways (quite a bit) to semi severe off road as a guns/feed transport and lamping wagon around the shoot. Cost per mile per tyre worked out at under 1p.


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    I made my "educated decision" nearly 30 years ago, After having sat on a "pile" in the driving seat of a loaded petrol tanker that I had just recovered from a wet slide, (that's the bit that can develop into a full blown jack - knife)............ looking at the tyres when in the yard later, I saw they were made in chong ching or some such place, my own vehicles have never seen an unbranded / imported (grey) tyre since.
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    I would be interested to see if the uk brands are as fit for use also.
    i think a programme like this will benefit us all especially with fuel prices been so high.

    I read just yesterday that 57p per litre is duty......
    if shell makes approx 150,000,000 , quarter of their annual turnover a year, from fuel purchases, from the other .57p (non govt tax) i ponder where the rest goes............ what does the government spent it on

    moats and travel expenses no doubt...

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    thats 57p plus 17 1/2, soon to be 20p,VAT, disssssssgusting !!!!

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