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Thread: Base Layers - recommendations required

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    Base Layers - recommendations required

    Hi guys,

    What would you recommend as a decent base layer for late summer/autumn stalking forays

    I tend to cook a bit when up and down hills all day and I'm struggling to find a base layer which actually "does what it says on the tin"

    The base layers I have tried supposing to be ..wicking this, and breathable that ..simply not upto the job and still left with damp back and sweating like an iraqi hijacker when I stop for a break

    I don't mind paying for trusted gear either but would like a few ideas



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    Have you tried the Helly Hansen stuff? Cotswold outdoors on Crow Road often have them reduced.

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    I've only tried the HH Lifa (sp?) tops when I worked in the Arctic, they performed well with insulating us, but hard to say how they'd perform in a different environment as I'm essentially after top notch wicking/breathability nowadays.

    How do you rate the HH stuff?


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    North Lanarkshire, the land that Summer forgot.
    I normally wear it under a Harkila fleece and deerhunter ram jacket, both of which are also "wicking", it works well, I would not say I am 100% dry but there is a lot more of the moisture on the outside than the inside, I have not been cold through sweat being on me, when I've stopped moving.

    For the sake of a few quid it might be worth trying.

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    Yeah your right, I've been gooling the old HH Lifa gear and it looks favourable.

    I won't be using North Face or Simms base layers again, didn't seem to perform well at all even under breathable shells

    Time to try something different hence the question and cheers for the reply


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    Helly Hansen are good but there are some equaly good stuff out there Duofold, etc. If you want something that will keep ypu warm then try the merino wool products, they are the dogs!

    Have a quick look around the search engines, you won't be disappointed!

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    Try IceBreaker kit comes in all different weights, from the thinnest T-shirts to 320 weight tops. NOT CHEAP but lasts. It is merino wool, so is warm when wet. Other than on outer layer, all I use on the hill.
    Bear in mind nothing will stay 100% dry, when under exertion, and the outer layer's ventilation/wickin ability has a huge influence. Pit zips as in some harkila stuff make a huge difference. (If a jacket is lined in any way, with cotton or polyester it will impair the wicking ability of a pure gortex shell (shells are not warm).

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    +1 on Icebreaker. their merino undelayers, overlayers and socks are the BEST.

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    merino wool, keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer, wickes away sweat and doesn't smell even after days of wear (in winter wear as a base layer, in summer wear just on it's own)
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    Ice Breaker, no questions asked! feels great, perfectly breathable, dries in seconds, the have microfleece zip-neck, followed by full length heavier weight fleece top. I use this setup for both shooting, fishing and mountaineering - where you are both VERY cold and can end up sweating A LOT! For fleece, buy Regatta on sale, light weight fleece tops 8 and heavier zip tops 12 each - same quality as North Face, which are disgustingly priced. Also, you can get really great stuff ex-mod from places like surplus and outdoors.

    hope this helps,

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