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Thread: Hi there from aust

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    Hi there from aust

    Hi there
    i am new to the site and its the first time i have been to
    this site anyway i am from australia and i hunt the mighty sambar deer
    i visited the site and thought you guys dont seem like a bad bunch
    so i signed up.
    Also i was wondering if any of yous have any info on the titan 6 rws
    i am about to purchase 1 in 338 wm i also am wondering do they make
    them in 338 wsm
    any info would be appreciated



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    Hi Harvey

    Welcome to the site.
    I would love to hunt Sambar one day, can’t help you with the 338 WSM sounds like a good cartridge, I saw a 9.3 WSM wildcat a few years ago in Germany, look like a fine boar cartridge.



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    Welcome, Harley.

    Seeing Aust as your location I immediately thought you were just over the bridge on the English side of the Severn Estuary. Having read your introduction I now realise that would have to be one hell of a bridge!!!,0.307274&z=12

    I'm afraid I can't help you with regard to the caibre but if you do go for the Titan do let us know how you get on. Switch barrels are becoming quite the thing now but usually come with a big price ticket attached. The Titan comes in at a far more reasonable level yet, from what I read, is excellent value for money.
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    Hi Harley, I made the same mistake as Iwrch and thought "oh just over the bridge". I was going to invite you to our shoot on the 22nd August but don't think I will bother now, but if you were to be in the area let us know.
    Regarding the rifle - I had a look at a Titan back last year and wasn't too impressed with regard to value for money. Also they didn't have the calibre I was looking for. I had a little look at a Fabarm Iris earlier this year which is another switch barrel rifle that should go on sale later this year, now I was more than slightly taken by one of them.

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    ahahah yeah mate it would be a huge bridge .
    that god damn titan over here in sydney is going for $2400 and 600 for a spare barrel

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    how you going mate thanks for the welcoming in. i just got back from my sambar trip down south in victoria
    i misssed a beautie atleast a 30 incher

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