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Thread: VARGET alternative???

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    VARGET alternative???

    Mate is having trouble sourcing Varget for his .243 and 30/06 so is looking for an alternative, im thinking N140????

    Any advice please....


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    You need to give us some hints on bullet weights. Secondly, what does your mate's reloading manual say? I find the Hornady manual layout very helpful for picking powders. Using heavier bullets in my 243 & 260 I focus on N165, with RL-19 used sometimes and I know H4831 will work for me too. Currently dabbling with N560 for the 105 AMax in the 243, but not getting as good velocities as the N165.
    Rgds JCS

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    Used N140 in .308 with 150gr bullets , best loads around the 44-45 gr mark good velocity and excellent accuracy , can,t say for the .243 used N560 to good effect accuracy wise but didn,t chrono them . Brough

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    close burn rate to H4895......... N530?
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    VV N150 has the closest burn-rate and similar granularity - you'd still have re-test your loads though as powders are rarely completely interchangeable (the only one I've found that's a straight swap is H4831 and RL22).

    If sourcing Varget is a problem, Wilson & Wilson Fieldsports in Kent - Tel: 01843 822242 - will still courier powder to you via TNT for £12 per 10kg (probably a bit more for Scotland).


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    Adam, I'll definatly have some of that for £12.00 per 10Kilos!
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    I agree. I've never used Varget in the .243 - but never thought about it at that stage of my reloading as Hodgdens did not appear to be available up North - it was Nobel - then Norma - then Hercules/Alliant.

    H4895 does sound like it might be an answer though. The VihtaVuori powder handbook give some excellent powder comparison hints in a table at the start of the pamphlet.

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    for what it's worth - and this is hearsay - I was informed that Varget is the powder of chioice for a lot of American military ammo, which is why it's so scarce on he domestic market.
    That might be a load of bull - but it's certainly hard to get these days.

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    How far are you from Biggar, South Lanarkshire?
    I can prob get a hold of Varget.

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