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Thread: Clearing land for stalking

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    Clearing land for stalking

    Just curious: what kind of criteria is used for clearing land for stalking/shooting?

    The reason I ask is that I was out walking the dog along the canal (practicing spotting roe) and I spotted what looked like a stalker. The thing is, that the patch of land he was on (see map) has the A3057 on the left, a footpath along the top and footpath along the right (next to the canal), it's only about 600-800m by 1000m in size and is a completely flat marsh floodplain. Surely there can't be a safe shot there except on a high seat?

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    Hello mat,

    If the stalker has got an open ticket, then he can shoot where he wants, has permission to do so and where he deems it suitable to do so basically, but if you were applying for a full bore on that ground, then it probably would not be granted.


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    The footpath along the canal is most likely a towing path and comes under different legislation. As Wadas mentions, its up to the individual to decide if the rifle is safe on that land with an open ticket. I am suprised that he is shooting there though. You would have the cops on your back all the time. Some people just don't get it do they,my land is only fifty acres but as you would expect Mat, it's highseated.
    Trying to locate deer on foot on small patches of land can be harder than large areas. Since getting my highseats the are deer popping out everywhere.

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    Re: Clearing land for stalking

    Quote Originally Posted by Mat
    Just curious: what kind of criteria is used for clearing land for stalking/shooting?
    that's a question i cannot answer but 2 pieces of ground i hav are in in different police catchment areas and the rules differ
    (1) has public access , a major canal through the middle , mainline railway through one quarter and motorway for part of its boundary and an a road for part of another of it's boundary and a big coarse fishery as part of the ground, this piece also has a syndicate pheasant and duck shoot on it
    cleared for upto a 300 win mag
    approx 650 acres in warwickshire
    (2) ten miles approx from land 1
    has major canal as a boundry , regional railway line through one quarter with station at one end, surrounded by housing estate from all sides and with public byway through the middle
    180 acres approx
    cleared for upto .308
    west mids
    both are working farms and muntjac is the only resident deer
    both are used as designated land as stated on mine and my uncles tickets but the boss'es son was only granted a 243 for land 1+2 and was lucky to get that on land 1, it just goes to show how each application is looked at and the way conditions are set, long live open licenses and the freedom they give
    as for the piece you mention if that was for a first time ticket holder wadas has hit the nail on the head but for some one who has held a ticket for many years who knows
    hope this has been of some help

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    The footpath along the canal is most likely a towing path and comes under different legislation
    What legislation is that? Yes it is a tow path...

    I wonder what qualifications the Police have to clear land?
    I'd guess it's either none or it might be guidelines that are followed like the Home Office guidance,,,

    Anyway, Beowolf, if it's photos you want... My first go at digiscoping, so not fantastic, but it's a start:

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    Nice pictures Mat. The Law concerning towing paths is in a dusty old law book I read once about canal and railway legislation. Very boring and very out of date but like many old fashioned laws such as shooting Welshmen on a Saturday with a bow and arrow and not peeing against head stones in a church yard, they have never been repealed.

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