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Thread: adder bites

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    adder bites

    I was lying in the grass tinoght waiting for 'bucky' to show his face, and started wondering what else might be in there with me.

    Has any one ever been biten while out stalking?


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    Me and my 10 year old lad were out clearing a shooting lane in front of a seat yesterday and both got stung by some very large angry Hornets!! Think we must have disturbed the nest!
    They hit you like bullets and sting immediately. My poor lad got one tangled in his hair which nailed him in the scalp.
    Very traumatising as you are not quite sure when it is going to end.
    I discovered that I can still run bloody fast and so can my lad!
    Not snakes I know but still not very pleasant!

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    Touch wood, never been bitten. Seen lots of adders up North when fishing the Brora so they could be an issue for the stalkers in the area as a lot of shooting goes on, although they tend to lie out on the rocks getting warmth as opposed to out in the heather.

    As an aside I spoke to a retired stalker years ago in the area of Grantown on Spey and asked him what the ticks were like in the area as I had several of my dogs with me. The conversation led to him telling me that the worst infestation of them he had seen was on himself after a day on the hill. His wife pulled 27 of them out his body in one evening! He said the majority had in-bedded themselves around his waist and he reckoned his belt had been too tight for them to crawl any further. I'm not squeemish but that makes the skin crawl a bit. He said he pulled them off himself every day he was out at the deer during warmer months. Tough as old boots!!!!!

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    Alot of Adders on the Isle of Wight where I live, no deer though, hope there is not a connection!!! Several dogs each year here get bitten, normally in the summer, most survive over Jack Russell size if they get to the vets promptly.

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    I know it isn't quite in the same league but I got bitten on the pinky by a horse fly a couple of weeks ago and the xxxx is still itchy..........i'm sure my Mrs wonders what i'm doing whilst thrashing around under the covers in the middle of the night........honest dear I have a cleg bite on my pinky and just giving it a scratch.........haha..........thats what I always tell her anyway !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by musty View Post
    I was lying in the grass tinoght waiting for 'bucky' to show his face, and started wondering what else might be in there with me.

    Has any one ever been biten while out stalking?

    Adder bites are extremely rare. If my memory serves me correctly there are only a couple of fatalaties attributed to adders since records began. They are shy and retiring creatures that stay well out of the way of anything other than their prey.

    I've been bitten by a horse fly just above my eyeball. My eyelid swelled up so much that I could not see through my left eye. Howevere a trip to the docs resulted in being prescribed a steroid treatment and I was also advised to take benodryl. This combination of treatment started working within just a couple of hours and the swelling was gone the same day.

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    snakes man they are my biggest fear and have came across manywalking up on them and not seeing
    them until im along side them thats one thing you dont want ot be bitten by well over here anyway there to many that kill ya
    so na mate i have never been bitten.
    i can tell ya i took my mate out on my property last year and forgot to tell him about a plant its called stinging nettle they have huge leaves
    good ones that you can wipe ya back side. anyway he was looking at them touching them then he pushed his way threw it
    what happens is the leaves are covered in tiny tubuler soft nettls they course you to itch he had them all up his arms you cant see them
    to get rid of them you have to get waxing strips to pull them out but all night he was itching them so he had broke the heads of and the waxing strips could
    not get a grip and bullthem out he still scratchers bits of his arms today they last up to 3 years in your skin befor ethey die off.
    so yeah lucky he didnt use them to wipe his back side mainly the english back packers do that mistake they just see these huge leaves then go for it.

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    Here it wasn't that long ago some pensioner died of on adder bite. Loads here, red squirrels are worse but can'nt shoot em, noo greys. But do have a panther!

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    If you do get bitten seek medical advice straight away, Ive seen two people bitten with Adders in the UK, with two completely different symptoms one of them we had to casavac by chopper to hospital, he took a severe allergic reaction to the bite ,ended up in a coma.

    The other got bitten the bite site was a mess after the correct people seen him things cleared up in gig time . I see Adders quite often in Argyllshire nice to see but don't play with them, everyone has different reaction to the venom make no mistake they can kill you .

    They will kill a dog pretty rapidly, Ive watched the spaniels steering well clear of them something built in they just don't go anywhere near them, amazing how animals know something just isn't right.

    I seen one guy in the jungle bitten by a fer de lance he didn't even last a 3 hours everything just stopped working extremely quickly.

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    That'll be Belize, bob?

    Those *******s and jumping vipers constantly had me on edge.

    On a different note - the old git (father) was bitten by a little sedge a few weeks ago. Thought nothing off it until his arm got stiff and swelled right up. They even used a venom pump on his arm.

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