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Thread: Restrictions on calibers and number of rifles owned

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    Restrictions on calibers and number of rifles owned

    I have just had a fairly long debate (that was very amicable) with my my local firearms office about my request to have a second .416 on my FOC. The reason I wanted it is because I picked up a lovely rifle at Holtsí Auction at a knock down price. The reason I gave the firearms office is I am traveling to Africa very soon on a very expensive holiday and wanted to take a spare rifle. Which is perfectly true.
    I was turned down because that was not a good enough reason to have a second .416. BUT following more discussion if an applied for a .50 say I could justify that on the ground I was shooting something the 416 was ideal suited to.
    I may sound naive here and I am in favour of sensible gun control. But any gun in the wrong hands can be extremely dangous. If you get shot with anything bigger than a .243 above the waist you are more than likely going to die. Does nt matter whether itís a .243, .308 or a .416 you are still just as dead.
    My argument is it is the individual that should be licensed not the firearm. If you are suitable qualified, experienced and have a good reason to own one, why does it matter what caliber you have. Also does it matter how many rifle you hold as long as they are secured correctly.
    I would also like to download my .416 to use on Reds in a forest and relatively close range. I own the gun anyway why is this any more dangous than using a .30 caliber?
    It is a bit before my time but is not that how the old Section 1 &2 FOC worked.
    PS- anyone want to buy a cheap .416 rem mag Sako??

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    I'm off the opinion that the police will not grant you two weapons of the same (or very similar) calibre to stop people from "stockpiling" weapons and ammunition. I could be wrong, but that's how I interpreted what my FEO was telling me during my first interview etc.

    I believe that if you're deer hunting with a rifle, that if you have a clear line of sight and a safe backstop that calibre choice is somewhat irrelevant. If a shot is unsafe to take with a .308 then surely it's unsafe to take with a .243 and vice versa! However, plod don't seem to see things this way.

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    Can someone please point out to me in the LAW where it stipulates a maximum number of guns allowed to be owned/possessed by an individual?

    Not in some petty little civil servants view or idea but the LAW

    As for stockpiling??? well the law quite clearly states calibre. It does not mention cartridges or chamberings at all except for .22 l/R (rimfire) The Police cannot it seems tell the difference between calibre and chambering/cartridge. For instance .308 is the designation given by Winchester to a .30 calibre cartridge they introduced in 1955 which is different to the .30 Springfield (30-06) cartridge although it too is of .30 calibre.

    However as the Police do not make errors or mistakes as I am reliably informed by Lincolnshire's Firearms Licensing Officer. It is everyone one else that is wrong and not knowing what they are doing not Lincolnshire and especially not those at Nettleham Police HQ as they are infallible.

    Oh yes I have more than one .308 chambered rifle, more than one .270 chambered rifle and several chambered for the old .303 British cartridge.

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    For me the stockpiling arguement is invalid for two reasons. One unless you are very clever you can only use one rifle at a time and the Police could put some sort of sensible limit on it anyway. And secondly is nt the vetting process for a FOC their to stop unstable people getting hold of firearms?

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    Licensing Restrictions


    I think it just depends on where you live, the FLO & police force you deal with, I myself have a 7mm/08, 308 & 25/06 which are all in weekly use.

    The 308 is in daily use I just cant put the bloody thing down-I enjoy using it so much.

    That aside these are all not that indifferent I feel so I have probably done whell to hold all 3 rifles I am advised.

    Regs Lee

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    Are you sure that you don't want the second one so you can have one set up with a scope, and one set up with open sights so you have a gun for both eventualities on either a close shot or a distant shot?

    That should be good enough reason. Speak to BASC. As long as you can prove good reason they should be happy, and different sights details is a good reason. You don't want to remove your scope from your scoped rifle in the field if you need to follow something up and then put it back on as you would need to check the zero which is not always possible in the field.

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    Or you can state that they will be sighted in for different loads - something lighter and softpoint for cats and a heavy solid for jumbo? I would recommend you keep these communications in email/written form as they can say whatever they like on the phone. Once they have to set out some reasoning...

    I have a few deer legal calibers and use them all when its most appropriate. Took a fallow with my 375 last season, highly effective and v little meat damage! Not quite sure where this paranoia comes from re: larger calibers.

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    Yes Boghossian

    Just dont be shootin any of my munties with it, I would like them in one bit in the larder-rather than two!

    Regs Lee

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    That's *****. I have a mate who has 2 308s which are both used for stalking and pest control.
    I at one time had 2 .223s which i used for the very same reason. I'm guessing he's being unreasonable because its a 'big' calibre.

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    The fact is the Police think they are above the law. Also the majority of the Police and cilvilians employed by them know little to nothing. nowehere else would you be allwoed to stay employed and know nothing about the job your doing.

    As for "large" calibres you cannot get daeder than dead a Vickers 120mm cannon will not kill a deer deader than a .308. migh make more of a mess and need more of backstop but the result on the deer will be the same DEAD!

    If rumours are to be believed then the FEO's round here are nothign by sidelined ex inspectors who lost their position through alcohol problems....... make you think don't it. drunks with all your security details??? Now if I can only prove the rumour true then the muck will hit the fan.

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