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    you may of messed up your posting here , if it was just your buck you wanted to post then edit your post or ask admin to help you so you can start again

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    it is ye but i think it would look nicer through the scope

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    Mind your own business Stone, I think russ looked great in the high heels and stockings. It's about time more of the guys on this site got in touch with their feminine side. All power to you russ
    Mark (unless it's a Friday night when I'm Marciella)

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    I agree, thanks Russ for posting your private photo collection. A word of advice though, yellow gingham hot pants with blue leather Basque! What were you thinking man! Never mix and match primary colours and textures even with your slender figure.

    I hope this helps regards 'Busty Brenda' Warwickshire.

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    Hi Brenda, fancy meeting you here, I thought when we last spoke you were going in for further implants. When do you make the final gender change by the way?

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    I've had it Mate! Although I've also kept my manly parts too. Just incase someone tells me to go f--k myself! I'm a 38 DD cup with nipples as hard as 'Chapel hat pegs'

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