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Thread: Basc and Scotland

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    Basc and Scotland

    I have just received BASC magazine Shooting and Conservation, after a quick glance through it, I started to peruse it in depth got as far as page 10 voice of shooting ,only to read the Improve your shooting was all in England and mainly in the South of England .

    The deer stalking level 1 courses were all in England bar 1 which was in Wales . WHY i asked myself.

    Scotland has the biggest area out of all the Regional Centers in the UK it also has the most staff working within it 5 staff,it has two pages in the magazine ,the courses run are mainly young shots most of them are run on the Eastern side of Scotland with the exception of one which is in Wigtown .

    I have spoken to the editor of the magazine he also puzzled by this, I had to ask the question is it actually the British association or English association ,I'm puzzled by this by this I mean ,the amount of hunting shooting and fishing ,that takes place in Scotland seems to be under represented by the BASC in Scotland, where as the English regional offices with only 3 staff can turn out various courses for it members .

    Further to that a large amount of the members on this site all stalk and shoot in Scotland bringing there hard errand cash to Scotland's revenue which in my eyes is totally under represented by BASC courses ,whither if the courses were to be brought to Scotland, would actually be subscribe to would be another thing .

    Which brings me to Griff's heading on a passed posting of BASC and getting the message across .

    You cannot get the massage across if you cannot bring the like of these courses to the whole country, training will at some stage become compulsory in the UK, I for one find education and training a requirement, if and when you are handling weapons there isn't any one of us thats been born with weapon in our hands, most people have been shown by someone what the script is, training its call no matter how or who shows you its still training , the like of the level one courses are a industry standard which show the minimum standard required for handling carcasses also the minimum requirement for shooting practices .

    So you tell me are you being properly represented by the BASC in your area .

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    Quote Originally Posted by widows son View Post
    ...the Improve your shooting was all in England and mainly in the South of England. The deer stalking level 1 courses were all in England bar 1... WHY i asked myself.
    Their need is greater than ours...

    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    I suppose BASC hierarchy believe England to be where they should promote their training venues Robert with it being more population per hectare than Scotland, I cant think of any other reason

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    I'd keep schtumm if I were you. The more that know how good the shooting is in Scotland the more will be after it!

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    The running of courses or any other event will, to a large extent, be a mater of supply and demand. As you point out, many people from Englandshire come up to Scotland to stalk, so perhaps its not surprising that where most of the English live (South East) is where most of the demand for stalking courses are?

    BASC Scotland have a busy aganda, young shots days, gundog days, stalking courses, game fairs and so on. Keep an eye on the BASC Scotland Diary on the web or in S&C and if you want something putting on in your area then please give the BASC Scotland team a call, they would love to hear from you I am sure.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    We attended the northern region young shots day with Seb at Abbystead this weekend, it was well run and very good for the kids, in fact it was excellent. All the helpers were were informative and knowldgedable and I might add volentees and it was the first time I had come accross Stuart Woodhall who came across really well clear artiulate he impressed.
    I did see that they run a residential week at Blair Atholl for kids, which takes it a bit further and I would imagine good to.
    I’m a member of BASC and have been for years, Widow makes a very valid point, each region it seems is left to there own devices to do what ever they want.
    This in its self leads to inconsistencies across the board. Again further inconsistencies when it comes to England Scotland with what they provide for its members,
    I think that at the regional level they do work hard to premote understanding of field sports etc, I do feel however moving up the organisation they are falling away and out of touch, It will be intereseting to see if new appointments listen more and start to address the in balance and bring consistance to the regions within BASC again.


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    Yes David we know all about the supply and demand thing, but if you don't advertise there won't be any demand .

    As for the Diary this is what I'm on about its all young shot days all well and done for the young shots, but what about the rest of us who have a interest in our sport pastime it wouldn't matter how much rejuvenation cream I had to buy i ain't never going to pass for 14 again I'd need a time machine for that .

    As for the if you want something ask putting everything is on the east coast Perthshire areas, the largest population of Scotland is in the central belt areas even the Deer Commission for Scotland have started to realize that bringing there best practice days to the city's, just maybe the BASC could learn something from that , I talk to the team in Scotland quite often with reference to these matters and others, to no avail hence seeing the magazine prompted me to phone and talk to the editor on the matter,after presenting him with the evidence he tend to agree.

    There have been two shooters evenings, the the people i shoot and stalk with never had any notification of the evening taking place until a week after the event I had occasion to speak with Donald Muir he asked why I wasn't there P&P let the BASC down for a greater turn out that evening thats what it all comes down to planning and preparation so no turnout why bother with these evenings .

    Yourself, David being a spokesman for the BASC should look at the bigger picture here ,the busy agenda just doesn't do it for me, Scotland is far bigger than Perthshire maybe you should move the BASC office to Glasgow ,Stirling or Edinburgh so the central belt of Scotland get its share of the goods that aren't currently on show in Scotland at all .
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    I think Widows son you might have a problem trying to promote your area, as has been discribed before why would you encourage a bunch of Rab C Nisbits from the Central belt to entre in to the disscusion regards shooting and stalking . "WHAT THE FECK DO THEY KNOW "

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    Davie just because you've got guns mounted on the roof of your house doesnt mean we all have .

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    Oi Dave, you're the one mooching around their back closes

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