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Thread: international sales from US

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    international sales from US

    can anyone tell me if its blanket restrictions on reloading equipt and supplies from the states as every site that I've been on says no international sales, ie, cabelas, gunsource, etc, etc, by supplies I mean unprimed brass and bullet heads, I wouldn't expect them to ship powder or primers, I have heard of folk buying loading dies etc, from fleabay, even with the / $ exchange rate and postage it still seems to be worth it .... callie

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    I have found that Midway reloading supplies even have had to set up a system to sell outside the US because with their screwed up attitude to world domination, their own administration (I use the word loosely) is blocking their own businesses.
    We have a lot to thank the talibans for eh!!!

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    Cabelas sell reloading equip to the UK, I have bought lots over the years, right up to last month. They charge 20% of purchase price to ship to the UK
    Most suppliers, inc Cabelas, wont sell items named under the US Patriot Act eg mil-dot scopes, moderators, component parts of firearms, expanding ammo etc

    If in doubt, just ask. Cabelas have an online "live chat" feature where you type live to a sales rep. They can, and do, take your order, payment and give shipping info

    Buying from the USA is getting more expensive month on month, but it is still cheaper than getting your ass stretched by "some" UK suppliers

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    We just got back from the states and there was not a great deal to be saved on some of the loading gear, powder was incredibly cheap though we did think about putting a couple of pounds in the suit case but my mate went mental said we would be all locked up so gave it a miss, exchange rate is pants..

    What was a great buy were the clothing awesome kit for bogger all

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    manc-munsters :- just been on to cabelas live chat, no, came back the answer, we do not send cases or heads to the uk....callie

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    martin:- midway, not a bit, but a lot of a ripoff, still needs must and all that, (sigh)....callie

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    I shop with these guys every so often. Just got some stuff last week. I try and get a decent order together (inc items for friends) before I place it. Kerry on International Sales is very helpful. Suggest you sign up for their catalogue.
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    JCS:- thanks for that John, I'll have a look at sinclairs, cheers....callie

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    Lot's of Americans will ship gear to you. Just need to know the ones but Midway UK are actually thieves. I ordered solid .375 heads at twice the price they are in the states + postage because I though Midway Uk hold the stock in the country but the product came directly from the states 10 days later.

    So I buy them direct now from a nice chap at proper USA prices......

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    I have definatley bought FMJ's from Cabelas, in fact, I am looking at a bag of 1000 Winchester 180gn .30 fmj's now with their sticker on! May be they have changed their policy on bullets within the last few weeks? Never tried cases so cant comment. Have always bought my brass brand new from Bought loads of dies sets, factory crimps dies, collet pullers, a lead burner, bullet moulds etc as well as clothing and boots from Cabelas (Irish Setter boots are excellent and so are Cabelas own make)

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