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Thread: Digital fox caller?

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    Digital fox caller?

    I am thinking in investing in a digital fox caller as Ihave a bit of foxing to do this year. In the past I have used the back of my hand or a bit of polystyrene on the window of my truck but I have heard some good reports about these electronic calls. Does anyone have knowledge of these and what would be the best type to purchase and maybe where from?

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    for what my opinion is worth im not a fan of them at all ive only ever seen them in action once and that was enough they just didnt work on any of the foxes we tryed them on. there was just to much choice, the bloke who owned it was trying all sorts of weird and wonderfull calls on one fox and i lent out of the cab and it came flying in to a normal hand sqweak first try. maybe i just had a bad experience with them but i would save your money as if you practice you can do a lot of tricks sqweaking by hand that a machine just wont do.

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    I've tried a few and find the Fox Pro "Spifire" very good. Try Shootingbags or Bushwear.

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    Save your money and build one of these for about thirty quid.
    Just substitute the sounds to fox related calls

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    Hi David, did you source the materials for this in the uk.?

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    yes, there is a shop in edinburgh that sells them all

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    Are electronic calls not illegal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wingers243 View Post
    Are electronic calls not illegal?
    Only if you are calling birds to shoot, foxes are perfectly legal

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    foxpro are excelant on any predator! and are great as you can set them up 50 metres away !

    this cat was called in in december, and had a broken canine so it was strugling to hunt ,unlikely to have made it through the winter!
    it came in within 30 seconds to a distress call! unusual for cats as they normally take a long time to come in! 2-3 hours which is tough in -30temps
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    As I may have mentioned else where before it is also possible to download all sorts of calls for your cell phone from the intraweb that are the same as the ones you get on the digital fox callers. The only real restriction is the volume of the speaker on your phone.

    My Crackberry has a surprisingly good speaker and has pulled in foxes for me on a number of occasions.

    Normally however I just use a WAM as the Crackberry has a nasty habit of going off in my pocket at extremely inconvenient moments (at the checkout queue in the petrol station, both I and the woman in front of me almost had a heart attack when the Jack Rabbit in Distress call screamed out of my trousers )

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