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Thread: Grass eating

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    Grass eating

    I wondered if anyone has the definitive reason why dogs eat grass. One of my Black labs must have a dash of Aberdeen Angus in him as at this time of year he eats what appears to be quite large quantities of young wheat and grass. He is in top condition with no apparent problems. Any views would be appreciated.

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    Dogs love running around with 6" of grass dangling out there arse. It gives the hours of fun trying to pull it out. Similar products available for adventurous humans from Ann Summers so I'm told.


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    Greetings old keeper,
    At this time of the year grass is growing rapidly and has a high concentration of a substance beta-carotene which is the starting part of vitamin A. Research has shown that the body is better at using this than already made vitamin A. It is more available to the eater than animal sources. Hence they just topping up so to speak. All carnivores will eat a portion of the paunch, rumen etc to gain this. If you observe your dog closely you will see that he is actually very selective about which grass he eats.

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    Grass eating

    Hi Morena, many thanks for answer. Just as I thought, more to it than meets the eye. As for MarkH and his reference to where grass sometimes ends up. I have tried creeping up behind my Lab but for reasons best known to him he is deeply mistrustfull of my close proximity to his rear end! Still I have passed many a happy early morning walk trying to put my boot on a particularly long piece of (now I know) vitamin enriched grass, and have met with little or no success. But it does keep both old keeper and his dog alert and nimble!

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    We have a border terrier & the same applies with her,she spends a lot of time when she's out finding only the best blades of grass to eat.
    When shes on the patio however,she enjoys chewing holly leaves,which when you think about it,really must come back to haunt her

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    Just looking through some of the older posts and saw this one. I have an 8r old spaniel who is obsessed with grass eating. For some reason daisy and dandelion heads are particularly attractive to him. Vet reckons it has become a habit. Apart from this he is fit and healthy.

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    Every spaniel I have ever had or known grazes,

    I was told its a spaniel thing live with it.

    in fact the mother to my bitch used to eat thistles.

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    both my labs love grass and also sloppy cow pats

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    Tika 308
    I can back you up on that one , my old springer Teal used to turn up GREEN! just loved the sloppy ones !
    And a ps for Moreno! (Norman is there a pill to alleviate said deficiency vit A) substitute what is recommended!

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    Hi Roy,
    Hope that pup is doing well. If you want to supplement the food SA37 is a good one. Used it all the time plus on my own pups. You can get it from your vet, a good pet shop or the internet shops. I found with dry foods although they have Vitamin A the dogs' coats were not as shiny as they should be. I put this down to them not being taken in by the dogs' digestion as Vitamins A,D,E,K are fat soluble and the oil in biscuits doesn't do the job. Apart from that the building blocks for Vit A are used by the dog more efficiently. Cooked carrots are a good source of carotene (Vitamin A starter ). Get your dog hooked on fruit and vegetables.
    A brilliant food is green tripe from the gralloch ( reticulum and rumen ), don't wash too well, my dogs would kill for it.
    What type of central heating are you putting in that magnificent high seat

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