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Thread: How many bullets

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    How many bullets

    For each caliber of centerfire iv got im aloud to buy 200 rounds of ammo in one go and keep 250 of each.
    I am getting through a fair amount and thought about reloading.
    When the firearms officer came round to renew my certificate we were chatting about this, he told me i would not be allowed to buy more than 200 bullets it one go and not own more than 250 bullets of each caliber, and that is asuming i have no factory ammo.
    Now i thought and so do some friends we could buy and keep as many bullets as we wanted as long as when we reloaded we didnt have over the amount allowed on our certificate.
    Are we right or wrong ?

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    The FEO is right and you are wrong. Best to stay within the rules and do as he says unless you are talking about non expanding bullets, in which case there is no limit on the amount you can hold.

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    Tell him he is an arsehole and he don't what he is on about. We need to stamp on these petty little empire builders.

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    Unfortunately you are wrong with regard to your total holding.

    The quantity of expanding bullets counts towards your total ammo holding irrespective of whether they are loaded into complete rounds or not.

    It's an ideal time to go back to your FLO and explain that you need double the quantities because you need to buy bullets in quantity and also have to keep the loaded rounds in 'stock'. You are not restricted on the quantities of expanding bullets you can buy - just on the amount you can possess in total at any time including your rounds.
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    my feo told me that it only counts when bullets are added to components to make a round

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    Thanks Orion.
    Thats nearly the same words as my FLO said to me, but like i say there is still confusion, a friend of mine is allowed to keep 150 rounds of .243 at anyone time, and when he started reloading his gun dealer said he can buy as many expanding bullets as he wishes and sold him 400 expanding bullets. The gun dealer also said he would enter it onto his FAC so it could be seen he is buy plenty of bullets.

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    I, think that was correct up until the time of expanding ammunition regulations ,now limited in the number you can buy, as a reloader prior to
    expanding ammunition regulations I only had a max number I could hold,no restriction on components I could buy, up until the expanding ammunition regulations did not have to produce certificate when buying components, now restricted to purchasing
    200 expanding, I don't target shoot but if you do and reload I believe that match bullets [heads] don't have to be entered on certificate[though this might be changed]
    I have to produce my certificate to buy powder now, but its not entered on the certificate.

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    Bought some bullets today and handed over my ticket. Gave it straight back they only want to see my approval for expanding ammo. Can buy as many as I like only counts when loaded rounds...

    ATB Steve

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    Gentlemen, as with all things firearms, we are seeing as many interpretations as there are police forces.

    Irrespective of what advice you are receiving from your local FEO, (who, let's face it, might not have too good a grasp of the actual law ), here is what it says in the Guidance:

    4.7 Section 10(2)(b) of the 1997 Act amends
    section 5A(4)(b) of the 1968 Act so that
    the use of expanding ammunition is in
    connection with the various exempted
    purposes. This allows, for example, a deer
    stalker or vermin shooter to zero with their
    rifle on a range or other suitable land and to
    do sufficient training and testing with the
    expanding ammunition. It does not allow
    them to take part in target shooting or any
    competitions, such as running deer using
    expanding ammunition. For this reason, the
    quantity of expanding ammunition or bullets
    for such ammunition
    which any shooter is
    allowed to possess at any one time should
    be carefully controlled by the certificate
    (see also paragraph 3.17). Consideration
    should though be given to each shooter’s
    individual circumstances, particularly where
    re-loaders are acquiring missiles or where the
    shooter is a professional deerstalker.

    Your total quantity of ammunition listed on your FAC therefore includes any expanding bullets which you have because the sneaky buggers have classified them as 'ammunition'.

    2.9 “Ammunition” means ammunition for
    any firearm and includes grenades, bombs
    and other like missiles whether capable of
    use with a firearm or not, and also includes
    prohibited ammunition. It will be noted
    that the definition of ammunition does
    not include ingredients and components
    of ammunition; it is only assembled
    ammunition that is controlled under the
    Act, not component parts. Empty cartridge
    cases, for example, are not “ammunition”.
    The only exception to this is the missiles for
    ammunition prohibited under section 5 of the
    1968 Act, for example expanding or armourpiercing
    Such missiles are themselves
    regarded as “ammunition” and are subject to
    control accordingly.

    If you decide to follow the advice of a misguided FEO, then my advice would be to tread carefully because his superiors may at some stage decide to take a different view.

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