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Thread: deer gamberel

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    deer gamberel

    I seem to have lost a saved thread on cheap gamberels from somewhere in the west midlands,does any have any a contact or details regards Tony,,

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    David Stretton @ Donnington Deer Management?

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    Just got a new one off ebay from a seller called corbieton. 17.50 delivered. Searched for gambrel. Sorry, can't add a link from here.

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    when we next meet I can make you one. Also search on ebay for cargo winch rather than buying a winch from a hunting outlet. I paid 4.50 for mine.

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    Get a length of 10mm stainless round bar and make them your self for next to nothing. For roe start with 17 inches of bar Bend in the middle 90 degrees bend the oposite way at the ends 2 inches each end. I will stick some pictures up when I get round to it. I have had 2 large roe 80lbs on one of these and they have not even looked like bending. If I was making them for larger animals I would look at 12mm bar and if not strong enough I would brace them.


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