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Thread: 40gr ?

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    40gr ?

    I have a mannlicher pro hunter mountain which I believe has a 1:9 twist. I am currently putting through 50gr norma v max and wondered if the twist rate would stabilise 40gr okay?
    The obvious answer is to try in the field but I thought I would see if anyone out there is using this combination first.

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    What calibre? - 40gn stability is marginal below 1:10 in .223 (my 1:12 .223 with a 24" barrel happily stabilises 40 - 62gn bullets but won't tolerate the lighter frangible varminting bullets like Varmint Grenades or Dogtown HPs) as tested in mate's with faster twist .223s.

    If it will, 40gn VMax over 24-25gns of Reloder10X makes a brilliant fast flat and very destructive round - goes like hell out of my Howa foxer.



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    Sorry, forgot to mention calibre, 223. Barrel length iro of 20'' i think? thanks.

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    it should do mate. i no someone who told me his 1 in 8 twist tikka shoots 40's very well so a 1 in 9 should

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