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Thread: pics for muddy

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    pics for muddy

    hi muddy ,
    following on from our conversation the other night
    this was my first fallow buck of my ground , and the third biggest to date ,
    sorry i don't hav any pictures off the others

    this is my biggest roe buck to date off the other piece where most of my roe are, it is placed next to my only sika stag i ever shot

    once again thanks very much for yours and mrs muddy's hospitality, and look forward to buying you a drink at quexs
    many thanks

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    That Fallow has a bit of a ropey head Stone, ugly looking brute! How did you get the sunglasses and hat to stay on?

    I'm really dead now!

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    That Fallow has a bit of a ropey head Stone, ugly looking brute!
    And we dont hear comments like that too often about a "trophy"!!! But great minds and all that but Im too polite!


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    Hi Stone,
    just seen your mug shot, the trip to Poland is off! It's hard enough flying with firearms and dealing with airport security without having Elma Fudds nephew in tow.
    P.S. Did you find dat wascaly wabbit?

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    Stone mate there is a tin helmet and body armour on ebay. You may need it mate I can here the friendly fire coming your way from here!

    'In Coming'!

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    Hi Beo,
    Leave him for dead, ain't nothin gonna save that boy now

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    I thought it was a picture of a Piere David Cow chewing on a nettle at first! Its just a good job he has so many kind and considerate friends like you and I Mark.

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    I'm thinking
    Has that Fallow got a snotty nose, or has he just been Tom and Dick at the thought of being stuffed , mounted and having to spend the rest of his days hung on a wall having to look at Stone's ugly boat as he passes by?

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    Mark its Stone's missus I feel sorry for. A very pretty girl, she sits all alone at night whilst he limps around his bell tower talking to his stuffed animals and pulling on his bell rope. Poor girl.

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