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Thread: More Sika!

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    More Sika!


    Went out for a walk last week and for the first time in ages did not take the camera, you can imagine how 'fed up' I was when we came across about 12 Sika hinds and calfs, wind was right and everything. Then walking back on the fence side we saw something move and it was a calf just stood there staring at us, we got fairly close and I tried to take a photo on my phone but was too far away for it. The calf then just turned and vanished into the wood.

    Went out last night for a very wet walk and saw a small group of hinds (this time armed with camera) and we stalked fairly close to them.

    We also came across a young stag and a couple of hinds.

    Should learn to take the camera every where as on a quick trip out tonight saw 3 hinds in a field near the side of the road!


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