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Thread: DSC 2 - required??

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    DSC 2 - required??

    Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me where it is a requirement to have DSC 2?

    I stalk on forestry commision land with a forestry ranger, I also vist the odd estate when I get the chance and occasionally have a look deer on local farmers land and not once have I been asked if I have DSC 1 2 etc..only insurance, which I do.

    I did DSC 1 a while ago which was a doddle but am never asked to show that I did it. Primarily because I go with people who manage deer for a living and they already have something of that nature.

    So, the question is, what benifit will it bring to the recreational stalker?

    (I have upgraded from tin hat to kevlar)

    Your thoughts please.


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    No benifit, unless told they have to have it!!

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    I have done leval 2, the police seem to like it i believe it helped my cause when i asked for an open ticket. I have not been asked for it nor have i gained stalking because i have it, but you never know one day i may get the chance of some stalking where it is required and it would be a shame not to be able to take it because i did not have it.

    You pay your money and take your choice.


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    Some very good answers to pretty much the same question can be found here

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    companies which maintain the management of forest land prefer within reason level one or two. farmers dont really care but as stated require insurance.

    as we live in a land which is following the law (us) of its your fault so i will sue you these land managers require certain requirements to establish you are less of a risk of them been sued.

    as you say you shoot with others and their experience is probably known to the farmer or land agent.
    i am going for my level two and feel that you soon will not be able to get stalking without it... fact sorry

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    In my opinion level 2 will soon become as level 1 is currently. With government reviews of firearms licensing on the horizon, as much evidence of your commitment and competence will probably be a requirement for reasons such as posession of more than one deer legal rifle etc..
    Level 2 is a requirement if you wish to lease stalking from the Forestry Commission and other private companies are following suit,even syndicate members are increasingly required to be level 2 holders.
    It will come!

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    This topic has been done to death on many occassions on this site. Have a search for other threads.

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    I'm a recreational stalker and when 1 of the farms i stalk on changed hands the new owners agent wanted to know what qualifications i had and if i was on the fit and competent register. There is no doubt that having level 1 + 2 made a difference. The feo also thought it was a benefit.


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    Same reason as a Deer Stalker not having a rifle....

    The Photo Stalkers manage

    If your landlord requires it, you get it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jingzy View Post
    This topic has been done to death on many occassions on this site. Have a search for other threads.
    You can see from the amount of posts some of the contributors to this thread have made that they are probably relatively new to this forum.
    You are obviously not. You don't need to invalidate the threads of others who may be finding their feet here. Simply don't reply. It seems that you need to take your own advice. Have a search for other threads!.

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