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Thread: Hornady auto charge powder scale

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    Hornady auto charge powder scale

    has any body got the new hornady powder measure/scale yet?

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    For $400 US I'll stick with my dippers, measures, and scales. I am reminded of a buddy of mine who hooked a tiny motor to a powder trickler. He got about the same results for $4 worth of odd parts.~Muir

    (Besides, EXACT powder measurement is seldom needed in hunting cartridges.)

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    I see your pont but would be interested to know what they are liks.


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    Maybe ask the question on as being a largely American frequented site you may have more feedback?

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    I have been using a rcbs chagemaster.It is a superb bit of kit if you are using stick powders it wil through to 0.1 of a grain.If you use ball powders buy a harrell powder measure it is as accurate,quicker and cheaper but strugles with stick powders like h4350 and varget.
    Cheers sean

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    I have been using the Targetmaster trickler system for some time now and would use anything else now dose what is says on the tin and very easy to use, see it here
    If you want one web site is below

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    I have removed this thread as i have had some negative feed back from one of your member.
    I will also remove all the other threads I have started as he dose not like the questions i have been asking, and will withdraw from using this web site if this is the sort of reply i can expect.
    Have many types of rifles and also do the full range of shooting not just target.
    Thanks to the members that have given me a proper answer to my questions


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    I recently got one from Midway UK, good bit cheaper than the RCBS and good reviews on the US forums.

    Asking around put me off Lyman's tool, many reports of overcharging etc.

    Maybe put 100 loads through it already using Viht N140 and N160. Had 2 overmeasures or so, but that was fixed by turning the speed down to medium - what can I say, I'm impatient. Works a lot better than the dispenser/scale combo...

    There are some good reviews on Youtube.

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