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Thread: IMR 4831 vs IMR 4350 for 243 and 7x65, and Norma 243 100 gn load

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    IMR 4831 vs IMR 4350 for 243 and 7x65, and Norma 243 100 gn load

    Not wishing to hijack the thread on 243 load data and dippers, Muir how do you find IMR 4831 compares with IMR 4350. I am using the 4831 in my 7x65R and getting good results, and now staring to work up a 100gn bullet load for the 243 - needed cardiac treatment when was asked to pay over 30 for a box of 20 Norma cartridges.

    Haven't tried the IMR 4350, but seems to be a good powder for the likes of the 7x65R, 30-06 but also seen plenty of load data for the 243 as well, ditto for the IMR 4831. Given the cost of powder, am a bit reluctant to just buy a tub of powder on spec only to find its not so good. The IMR 4350 seems to a bit faster burning, but not a lot to choose between them.

    Does any body know which powder Norma uses in their 243 100gn load, as it seems to work well in my rifle and would like to duplicate.

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    I use both 4831 and 4350 in copious quantities. As you mentioned, 4831 is a little slower and I lean towards that powder when I desire low pressures, or in large capacity cases -tho I have used it in cases as small as .223! I had a SAKO actioned BR rifle years back that would shoot tiny groups with a case full of 4831. Slower than a tortoise, but accurate. Both powders are very versatile. Try it in your .243 and you'll probably find a good load without too much effort.~Muir

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    I use H4831sc in my 243 WSSM (about the same case capacity of a 243AI) now calm down Muir two calibres you hate mention in the same sentence. I find it excellent in terms of both accuracy, 5/8” groups from a stalking rifle and 3200fps if I max it out from a 22” barrel (Muir now doing summersaults). The good thing is it is also my powder of choice in the 270.



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    I use H4350, which is to all intents and purposes interchangeable with IMR4350, for 100 grain loads in my 243 and also for various loadings in my 6.5 (your turn for somersaults Kevin ). I find it to be extremely accurate and reliable.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks Gents for all your advice

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