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Thread: walked up days

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    walked up days

    anyone give us a clue as to the going rate per gun for a walked up day? cheers Matt

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    Budget for 25 to 30 a bird. Just because its walked up will not make them any cheaper.


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    type in google( guns on pegs) can get some cheap days


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    we do 40 bird days mixed bag for 150 per gun teams of 10 guns

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    we also do a 50-60 bird day for 135 per gun

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    I'm just 10 miles down the road from you.

    I charge 20 a bird for game and 15 for driven duck on my shoot.

    I also shoot on an estate for a fixed price of 225 per gun (no bag limit!)

    It can produce days like this......

    2 guns 450 for 38 birds, walked up Pheasant, partridge, Grouse, Snipe and driven Mallard......11.84 per bird!!!!!

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    I pay 150 per gun for 10 bird per gun bag.


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