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Thread: Downer on a look out .

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    Downer on a look out .

    Had the first tentative call yesterday evening with no success at all bearing in mind i had called 3 by the same date last year .Id seen no action but the urge to try is stronger than that .Got myself into position under a bush ,rifle on sticks and wind in my face .I was sure that if a buck did show he would emerge from woodland to the side of a patch of corn but that wasnt to be .What did show was a pair of this years well advanced kids that only served to spur on the calling in the misplaced belief that the doe was off fornicating as it were .The session over, i made myself known to the pair who ran up a hill and stood shuffling .I had to go that way and came across the body of a doe ,well decomposed but probably the dam to these two kids .They stood until i was feet away and bounded into the wood and gone .No sign of damage ,probably a glacing blow from a car from the lane nearby .

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    It would be interesting to be able to see how these kids fare. They have obviously been deprived of their mother for a few days judging by the state of decomposition.
    What a shame.

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    Not far from my house mate so i will be able to monitor the situation .Winter will be the tester i think especially if its anything like the last .

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