I've just found these pictures and wondered if anyone had seen anything similar.

On seeing this buck at the end of last season in a rushy field it appeared to have not only a cull head but what looked like 5 legs. On closer inspection it had a large 9" long 4" diameter growth in place of its sheath. This growth was in fact a sack of urine which had built up behind a blockage in his sheath.
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ID:	1931
The head was equally interesting, the pedicles were non exisistant and the coronets were fused into one solid antler. The skin around the pedicles was withdrawn exposing bone. Out of interest i boiled the head only to find that the skull under the antlers was detatched from the main skull.
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Although a huge frame this veteran only went 77lb clean whilst average bucks last year went 130lb

Has anyone seen anything comparable?