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Thread: New Member from West Berks - Advice and guidance appreciated...

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    New Member from West Berks - Advice and guidance appreciated...

    Hello all,

    I am looking for some advice and guidance, first a little about me; I have been shooting for a long time (20+ years), I am interested in all field sports, last year joined a small syndicate and am involved in helping out with the pens, poults, pest control etc and am training my now 14 month old springer.

    I have a couple of rim fires for the bunnies and now want to get involved in some stalking, there alot of Roe and Muntjac on the syndicate and a few of the guys stalk, not to mention charlie being public enemy #1.

    I am looking for some guided stalking in the Berkshire/Wilts/Hants/Oxon area to assist with a variation for a full bore, I would prefer a 1 calibre does all rather than dedicated Deer and Fox outfit, the chaps I shoot with can do this aswell but time is tight for them at the moment (what with the poults etc).

    No huge rush with this but any recommendations and contacts who would provide an assessment and letter (assuming I am upto it) to accompany my variation would be great.



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    Hi NellyT give Kevinf a try, he's a great bloke with some lovely stalking.

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