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Thread: cree lamps 300 lumen ??

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    cree lamps 300 lumen ??

    This is one for the torch nuts,i need a quick spotting hunting torch .. which is best? Im looking for 100yds + pocket size cree lumen i guess 300, with re-chargable li-on battery, & adjustable dot beam.
    Do you have one? what? which? where is the best price? I see them 10-100 !!

    any recommendation s for this >
    Ultrafire C8 CREE Q5 LED 300 lumens Flashlight Torch

    thanks ,
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    I've recently been on a bit of a torch buying spree and apart from scoring a couple of s/h Streamlights that can be kept on permanent recharge in the office and vehicle I've also bought an LED Lenser P7 to mount on the Mossberg. That uses a Cree LED and throws an amazing beam at 200 lumens and the best price I found was on Amazon.

    The Ultrafire looks a handy piece of kit, although they seem to be prone to having Chinese knock-offs flooding the market - maybe that's why there is such a price differential? Anyhow, given the price and as I want a lightweight torch to keep in the rusksack, I've ordered one from this mob - thanks for the heads up e=STRK:MEWNX:IT

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    looks a bargain orion although i am sceptical about buying things from hong kong,would be very appreciative if you could let us know how you get on and how it compares with the lenser Thanks Mick

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    I have read some threads on another forum about the Tiablo torches, I know a member here has one. There is a model, A9 I think, which has an alternative lens system available, which produces a very tight beam which could be good for lamping purposes, or the normal head can be used as a normal torch. Haven't seen one in action though, but it's something I'm currently looking into. A few people here have mentioned the Fenix TK11 which seems to be a good rabbitting light, maybe others can comment?
    One thing to know about these types of torch is that some get progressively dimmer as the batteries run down, others stay the same brightness then suddenly go off when there isn't enough juice left. I have a little lenser torch, and whilst excellent, it is unregulated and dims as time goes on.
    I'd be interested to know what you end up with, and how it works out, as I'm currently looking to trade my Deben Tracer setup for something lighter and more compact due to a back injury.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickjgardner View Post
    looks a bargain orion although i am sceptical about buying things from hong kong,would be very appreciative if you could let us know how you get on and how it compares with the lenser Thanks Mick
    Will do, in about 7-10 days if it pans out okay. I'm also wary of long distance buying on eBay but they appear to have a pretty good feedback record and sent me an email that evening confirming time and method of despatch and anticipated delivery date plus asking for immediate contact if not satisfied yadda, yadda. Watch this space.

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    Trustfire 900 lumens with rechargeable batteries and charger, about 30 on fleabay

    300 lumens isnt enough for 100yds

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    I already have the famous ' tesco' torch rhat runs on x2 AA batteries, i use it to 50 yds shooting & 100yds spotting, with a rimmy & the batteries have done at least 5 hrs so far on/off use. I want some thing on the Tiablo 9 spec(240 lumens !!) without the price tag, some 'surefire' torches look, ideal, but whic one ??

    I have bough from Hong kong in the past for many of my sporting needs scopes,pull thru's, bi pods etc etc, with no problems. To be honest a good service & super quality, at the end of the day, all your 'harris' 'tasco' 'hoppes' etc etc are all made there, so buying direct save . & a 7 day service, on the shelf
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    Well, as promised I'm reporting back on the Ultrafire C8 Cree 390 lumen torch that I posted about further up the thread.

    Ordered on 22/7/10 from the Hong Kong eBay outlet and delivered yesterday (28/7) via airmail for a 17.99 Paypal payment - and they marked the packet up as a 'Gift' without any prompting from me.

    First impressions are very favourable. It's a small but chunky piece of anodised (?) machined aluminium with all the right O rings and a good looking reflector in a large diameter head. It comes with a 3.9V rechargeable battery that looks like an AA on steroids, plus a 240v charger that has a couple of flat blade pins on it. I'm sure I've an adapter somewhere but if not I'll do a direct connection to a 3 pin plug.

    The light emmitter is retina scorching - as someone here found out when they switched it on while looking into it! The fixed focus beam is tight and without much scatter and will be ideal for me to at least 60 metres and maybe beyond, (that's in our lane, I'll give it a better assessment tonight in the field), so I'm going to swap it for the Lenser P7 on the Mossberg.

    The other advantage it has over the Lenser is that the Ultrafire has a simple base on/off switch. The Lenser has a press and hold for maximum, release for 80% and click again for low power - good for general hand use but not so good gun mounted.

    All in all it's looking a good buy for the price but maybe as someone said earlier, one of the higher output jobs will be a better option if you're looking to push things out to 100 metres plus.
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    Just seen your posts. Me and a mate have been using LED torches for several years. I use a Fenix TK11 and it is v good. The Tiablo range are even beter.

    The new cluson LED torch is good but I think too bulky. My TK11 is tiny, light and well easy to use on the rimmy for rabbits and on the C/F for foxes to 150yds.

    PM me for more info.


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    hi lads,

    i have 600 cr123 batteries here that have been used in alarms and are still working. i change them every two years in the sensors so they still have plenty of life in them. anyone local who wants some pm me and you can collect... not worth posting them sorry


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