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Thread: Pet Insurance?

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    Pet Insurance?

    Just listening to Jeremy Whine this afternoon and they were discussing a programme due to be screened on BBC1 tonight about bad practice in vets. It looks like a reporter has gone undercover as a trainee vetinary nurse and uncovered some bad practice and over charging. I know my vets well and have every confidence in them, but it does get you thinking as I have heard some horror stories before.

    One thing that came out from it was the first question people were asked was if their pet was insured and how much the premium was worth? Some of the bills people were reporting were rediculous and very close if not slightly over their premiums.

    Personally I don't have pet insurance, I figure anything up to a grand that means the dog will have a perfectly normal life afterwards is going to be done without question. After that the question I have to ask is, what sort of life will the dog have afterwards?

    Do most people have pet insurance for their dogs and do they feel it's worth it? Has anyone ever had a bad vet experience?

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    I had insurance on my old dog, we paid the first 50 and they paid the rest, when he got to 10, the premium doubled, and we paid the first 50 and they paid HALF the balance,

    with 4 dogs I decided that what I save in insurance I can afford a few vets bills, same as you if the dog will be unable to live a good life its probably best to put it down,

    btw most pet insurance wont cover working dogs.

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    I used to have insurance on my springer...good job too when he developed an open sore on his back that wouldn't respond to treatment. At all.

    It was a real mess - it just wouldn't heal up, and was raw flesh in a patch about 3" x 3". Pretty horrible.

    Local vets (who are very good) were mystified, ended up having to take him to the top dog skin complaint specialist in the country at Liverpool University Vet School - and even HE was baffled!!

    Anyway, after some surgery and a dizzying cocktail of antiobiotics and all sorts of other stuff it eventually healed up, and he has rather a large scare on his back.... Total bill? Not that far shy of 4.5k.... Insurance covered. Phew.....

    That was about 7 years ago, and he's now asleep at my feet, harder of hearing and I think his vision is going a bit as well. I did cancel the insurance a few years ago thought when the premiums just got silly. Absolutely silly. Decided I'd pocket the cash and take the risk, espaecially as we got a 2nd dog.

    And today's top tip? A deranged springer spaniel (is there any other sort??) and a lampsgade colalr is NOT a good combination......
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

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    i to took my dog to the vets first question is she insured yes from that minute on the problem was drawn out to get the most money out of it as possible after various antibiotics tablets at a 1 a piece * 100 then skin scrapes etc all to find out what i told them i thought it was in the first place ring worm total cost 578 which i had to pay and claim back off the insurance company even after it cleared up the vet wanted to check it had and try and charge me another 40 for a 5 minute check up also as my dog had to stay in the vets for the day they gave her a flea treatment which the insurance wouldnt pay for . althugh ring worm is very rare in dog my cocker seams very suseptable to it and caught it again about six months later did myself a favour went and got some trush cream and tret it myself 48 hours later problem solved cost 8 moral of the story some vets are crooks 1 per minute plus

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    No I would not pay for it as I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and it would cost too much. As when my Lab got ill it cost 2.5k and i had 5 dogs and 2 cats and when she got ill she was 4 years old I still would of paid more in insurance with all of my animals.

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    Can I take this opportunity to say: never, ever, ever use Direct Line pet insurance.

    I can't be bothered to go into detail but I promised the head of their pet dept that I would spend the rest of my days warning everybody, at every opportunity, never to use their services after the way I was treated so this will count as todays effort!


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    my two labs would cost 25 each per month to insure. they now are four . thats 2200 saved so far. touch wood that i dont need one but its already paid for its self by not having it.

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