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Thread: Cla tickets

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    Cla tickets

    I have 6 tickets for the CLA Game fair,they have come compliments of Decoying UK.(deako)
    They were meant to have arrived for the Wednesday Night get together at Castle Douglas.

    But alas the Post Office got them to me a day late..

    Sorry forgot to add these tickets are for any of the 3 days..

    It has been discussed that these tickets are sold for H4H for 10 each.

    If you want one then PM me and I will get them in the post asap..


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    Thank you Griff

    They arrived safe and sound me and my mate both enjoyed our day And we took his son and his cousin who had thier first experiance with air rifles and shotguns, which when you are 13 and 14 is pretty cool. And I didnt embarass myself hitting 16 out of 18 airrifle targets and 13 out of 13 clays. I hate shooting in front of non shooting friends...The potential for missing everything in sight is massive

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