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Thread: BDS booklets

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    BDS booklets

    Don't know if this is the right section to put this in?

    I was over in my reloading room and found 5 booklets printed at the beginning of the 70s.
    #1 fallow by N&D Chapman, #2 Muntjac and Chinese water deer by O Dansie, A Cooke and Lynne Farrell. This is from 1983. #3 Sika deer by M T Horwood and EH masters. #4 Roe deer by P Delap. #5 Red deer by P DELAP.
    There is also, The Fallow Deer, a Foretsry commission booklet #52
    There is a copy of Hints On Woodlad Stalking by H A ****s from 1967 this is BDS publication.
    Also a 1970 Deer control in woodlad areas, The formation and running of local deer control societies. by H A ****s and J Hotchkis.
    If any body is interested in these Booklets they are welcome to them against a donation to H4H.
    The booklets #1-5 will go as one lot.

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    Yes please.

    Will cover your postage and be very happy to make a donation to H4H


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