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Thread: A small lightweight mod will be rubbish on a .308??

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    A small lightweight mod will be rubbish on a .308??

    Now I know there are loads of posts on here about which mod to go for (I have had a search and a read around) but I cant find any that answer my specific question...

    I've had my Blaser R93 for a little while now, and still havent purchased the mod to go on the end of it. I know a lot is down to personal preference, and in my case, I'm sick of lugging a big heavy T8 around on the end of my gun, so I'm looking for something as small and light as possible.

    When I bought the gun Gregor from Mcleouds in Tain advised me that I shouldn't bother with a small mod as the .308 produces a lot of gas and the little ones can't really cope with it. He reckoned a big mod like the predator or wildcat was the one to go for, but I'm tending to disagree.

    I know it sounds plausible, but I also think it sounds a bit far fetched and I know plenty of people shoot very small and light mods on bigger calibres. Even if it is a trade-off between size and efficacy, I'm not too bothered by the sound or recoil even without the mod so any decrease is good for me.

    So, long story short... Is the above a load of rubbish or should I shut up and listen to someone who has been in this game a lot longer than me?! What small, lightweight mod are you shooting with acceptable results on your .308?


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    I use an ase s5 on my .308 and its fine, a friend uses one on his 30-06 no probs. if you near oxford and your rifle threaded 1/2 unf then you could try it.

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    i use a T4 on my r93 .308, extends the rifle by 2 1/2" and feels nice.

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    I am using the new Spartan Mod by Thirdeye (EVO Engineering) on my .308 and very happy with it

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    Iv'e just bought a roedale delta that weighs about 220grams if it ever stops raining i will let you know what it is like.It seems very well made and very light.If you don,t mind to much weight jet z mods are excellent.

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    I think he is talking rot, I have an ASE S5 ( I think) on my Blaser and it works well and gives a considerable and useful reduction in the sound pressure levels. I couldn't say that it is light as it is very solidly built but it doesn't add much to the barrel length.

    That I can see there doesn't appear to be any "must have" mod technology that puts one mod streets ahead of the competition and most people who have mods are satisified with the one they happen to have. Most give around a 30dB reduction in sound pressure levels and so the choice seems mostly to be based on quality, length, weight and so on.

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    Hey Gez,

    hope you are well. Moderators are a minefield. You said that you dont like the weight. That actually gets most mods out of the question due to that alone. Many mods are around the 5 to 600 gram range. The difference then comes with the length added on and where the weight is located.
    The ASE S5 is a muzzle can and all the weight hangs on the end of the barrel and adds on a little more length than the wildcats or T8's. The over the barrel types distribute the weight a little so shouldn't pull on the end of the barrel as such.
    I have just chosen an ATEC CMM4 which is a muzzle can, it adds on around 6 inches in length, but it weighs less than half the weight of the T8's etc.

    You also have the choice of the smaller predators or the T4. There are others out there being made by smaller companies, but I would stick with a well named one unless you can get hands on a lesser known product.


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    A-TEC CMM-AL very light probally the lightest mod around Used on a .25-06 and 30-06 shooting 150-200 Deer a season not had a problem i also use a over the barrel A-TEC on my .300 Win-Mag Both Mod's

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    The Atec or Roedale Delta are the way to go.
    I would choose the Delta, as you can order that just about any way you want.
    I have a steel 5 baffle delta and now have a aluminium 5 baffle delta, no difference in
    noise reduction. I might also put the mod together with the first two baffles in stainless and the rest in aluminium when I use it on my 243 as i tend to fire quite a few shots with that.
    Huge difference the way a rifle handles if you have a 200gram mod on the front compared to a 600 gram mod.

    If you have a caliber specific moderator a 308 is less harsch on a mod than a 243.


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    I have an Ase Utra Jet-Z on a 20inch barrel.It's a heavy mod plus screws on the end of the barrel. The best way to counter the weight is to use a decent sling plus even balance the rifle by adding weight in the rifle butt. This set up stops the rifle swing round on your shoulder and gives a better balance when shooting. Having said that I've never found weight/balance a problem and my view is that I bought the mod to reduce noise as much as possible to protect my lugs.

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