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Thread: Out in the Lakes

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    Out in the Lakes

    Just had a day in the hills, knew there were red in the area so looked in a quite gulley. Had to go back and get camera and show my friends them, so they clocked us after a bit and the wind was wrong, still only 40yds off the first hind at the start.

    Just one from a trip to Scotland, as you can see they were really hard to get close to!!

    I think they couldn't be bothered to walk up so might as well catch a lift.



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    Hi Dan,
    Some very good photos there mate. Welcome to the site!

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    Hi Dan,

    Were the reds in the Martindale area by any chance?


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    Well yes just on the other side of the valley on Place fell. I was watching them rutting in Martindale a few weeks before, the size of the stags is unreal compared to there highlland cousins!


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    You're right about the size difference. The bloke who has kindly taken it upon himself to show me the stalking ropes had a few off there this season gone. The biggest, an eleven pointer. tipped the scales at just over 28 stone! He has had a shoulder mount done of a cracking 10, which I believe weighed in at 23 stone.

    He is in the process of hopefully organising us a trip up there this autumn. You could say I'm looking forward to it


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