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Thread: stalkers meeting with WLO in Castle Douglas

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    stalkers meeting with WLO in Castle Douglas

    We drove from Durham to Castle Douglas last night to have a good chat with all stalkers from the galloway and Dumfries area. Never did lnow the forum existed until last night. Have been stalking for over five years now and am still working on the Deer level two. Lets say that I was not pleased with my assessments of my previous portfolio. Still , always good to know more. Thought I would pass though. Been now in a syndicate near Newton Steward and Moniaive and am enjoying the scenery there. Believe that a lot of poaching at night has killed quite a lot of deer, but now hope this is old news and he will get what he deserves. I wont cry if he goes to jail. Rules are rules and how can you manage deer if someone else takes a but piece of venison out of the field. Have an idea that will certainly keep some poachers away. If it is successfull I will tell you .In the meantime. My hat off to the wildlife liaison officers in Galloway and Dumfries, for their care and expertise. Keep up the good work. For now , see you in the forum. Sportsmanfordeer.

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    hi sportsman tom here good forum with some good people i live on tyneside
    atb tom

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    Welcome to the forum sportsman, Moniaive............ lovely place.
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    welcome in mate and well said.

    atb frank

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    how's it going ad.. its about time you got ya arse on here its a great site, plenty of real good lads and a couple of lasses on here, ill be looking out for your posts mate, hope your well and look forward to seeing you up here very soon, P,S another 2 bucks this weekend..

    see you soon mate calum

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