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Thread: Sako Finnfire P94S mag for under a fiver?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack View Post
    Both mags have the rounds in a single stack. Thought it was a pin at the base for the ten shot?
    It is a pin but it's pretty small and I don't have a tool at hand to punch it out with. Not convinced the rounds are exactly in a single stack - I think they stagger slightly but we'll see.

    Had a go at making some springs today now that my order finally arrived. I'm getting better at it:

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    Well I'v just found this thread and reading every page I was looking forward to getting a report on the end results.
    Oh well, guess I'll just have to wait a bit longer.

    Put me down for 2 x 10 Mags when they're ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kal View Post
    Well I'v just found this thread and reading every page I was looking forward to getting a report on the end results.
    Oh well, guess I'll just have to wait a bit longer.

    Put me down for 2 x 10 Mags when they're ready.
    Infuriating isn't it? Still waiting...

    Took my HMR mag apart and the spring is a pretty complicated design that is not going to be easy to replicate. Might have to rethink that one. Funnily enough, I'd guessed at the shape of the follower and got it almost exactly right!

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    Well. Having come to the conclusion that my order had been lost, woke early this morning to find it's in post processing (so polishing, dyeing etc.). I'm on holiday until Saturday so hopefully they'll be waiting for me when I get home

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    Still no sign of the damn things. I've contacted the company to see what the hold up is. Not terribly impressed so far

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    Well, they've arrived! First impressions are pretty good - I asked for half polished and half unpolished but the final order will all be polished. The texture (as they say on their website) is like that of a softmint - not quite as shiny as the original but pretty smooth.

    The ones I ordered in white went into a dye bath which was pretty straightforward. They can be almost any colour but I thought blaze orange would be best if one were dropped. I now have orange fingers:

    Side by side comparison with the original:

    So, the big question is, how do they perform?

    Well, I assembled a 5 shot magazine and it fits into the action well - clicks nicely into place. They feel pretty sturdy although since submitting the trial order, I've redesigned things to make the casings thicker (and added a viewing window). The lips at the top are a bit flimsy and I had to fettle the opening slightly to make it feed (as before, I've redesigned this bit anyway but am going to see about making it a bit stiffer) but feed it did, which was great. Not as slick as the original, if I'm honest, but hopefully the newer design will be better. Part of the problem was that the holes for the securing pin are slightly too big (or the pin is too small!) so it's a bit loose - nothing that a touch of glue or tape wouldn't remedy but I'll adjust the design for the final order if people still want to go ahead.

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    Well done for your efforts, I hope , and I am sure they will , that everyone who asked for them come good , thanks again , and keep us posted, Arron .ps good call about orange blaze or colour

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    So impressed I have doubled my order!

    Emailed details should be with you now.

    Did you make the springs from piano wire or stainless?


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    Piano wire. Haven't tried making one for the 10 shot yet - will give that a go this afternoon... Will also find out how many shots it will take! Can easily adjust the length if needs be

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    Very nice work, Spandit!

    The guys in my office have got 3D printers and are making models of offshore tools and also drone chassis' that are pretty impressive.

    I was contemplating modelling and getting a Sako 75 magazine made but not sure if it will be sturdy enough.

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