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Thread: Last Sussex Cull Roe Buck for June

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    Last Sussex Cull Roe Buck for June

    This was the last Cull Roe Buck that I took in June before I went away... Had seen him a few nights running whilst out on the bunnies and had a friend coming over who had never been stalking before so decided to show them a bit about what it is all about...

    The buck had been seen, in what I call the nettle field no guesses needed as to why, and there is also large number of water rushes along a small brook...

    So at about 9 o clock we ventured out to the field and stood in one corner looking down the field, within a few minutes a Roe Doe came out along the edge of the rushes followed by one of her young following closely...

    Then after moving slightly closer to her, the small yearling buck appeared in the rushes, slowly venturing out into the lower rushes...

    I was at about 100m and having zeroed the rifle only the day before was confident that it was shooting smack on so with my quad pods up and ready i waited for him to raise his head with a little click click so he paused and squeezed the shot off...

    He dropped on the spot with the usual thump and the rifle/quad pods had pleased me again, on arrival it was a perfect mid / high next shot that had connected with the vertebrae perfectly...

    Another nice cull, all to plan and some customary photos...



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    Nice little buck and some nice photos, thanks for sharing.

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