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Thread: July Evenings Stalking with Two Friends in Sussex so plenty of Photos...

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    July Evenings Stalking with Two Friends in Sussex so plenty of Photos...

    Having come back to England a couple of friends asked if they could join for an evenings stalk, there had been a young malform that I had tried to catch up throughout June but due to some unlucky stalking things just didn't to work out in my favour for this one and also due to it being close to the boundary and therefore some often complicated stalking in order to get into a safe position for a shot to be taken... He normally appears right at last light into the top corner of a field so decided I had some time to kill with my friends, so decided to walk along the other boundary where there had been a couple of does before I had gone away...

    Having moved along the back of the field where I had seen the does and no sign of any deer I continued moving around the boundary, after another hedgerow or so, I glassed the edge of some peas from a high seat where we own half of the field, there I spotted a Roe moving away from me after a further look, i could tell he was what looked like quite a nice buck, after a little more inspection he had what I have seen a lot of around here as a bit of a crooked right antler, with the rut coming up I trying desperately to try and get some new blood in from further afield, our biggest problem being that hardly anyone shoots deer around us let alone manage them most being shoot two a year for the pot and thats it normally does... Therefore we tend to get the poor genetics, however last year we had the two I took in June in for the Rut which was pleasing so fingers crossed I will have a nice one move in over the next week or so that I can leave for the Rut...

    Anyway I took this Buck out the high seat at 200m with a chest shot when he turned broadside in the peas...

    Having Gralloched this beast and collected him on the Quad I took one of my friends to have a last look for this Malform, and there he was just as I entered the expected field 100m into the upward bank, the first time I had seen him this far down and he couldn't have been more perfectly placed, my friend even by the time I had waited for him to turn broadside had struggles to find him in the hay, I just suppose this shows the clarity of the Z6i which is truly phenomenal in low light conditions and made what could have been a potentially difficult shot into and standard 100m chest shot in normal light...

    The pictures don't show the malform that well, to try and describe his spiker (single point antler) is curved in towards the other antler just above the coronet and then runs backwards at about 40 degrees in relation to the normal straight 2 pointed antler...



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    Hi Alex

    Good to see youve been busy bud..

    Hope we get to meet up again in the year


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Sounds a great evening with 2 good bucks at the end of it.

    Nice one


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    well done mate and good to see that your thinking long term. it always helps.

    atb and good luck


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    Good documentation of your stalk, enjoyed your series of pix,well done Kidda.!!

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