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Thread: Boat tail or no boat tail

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    Boat tail or no boat tail

    just had interesting conversation with local gun shop and he told me that if i am using a MOD then best go for flat base heads as with the boat tail they tend to cause to much disruption as they pass through the baffles.

    what are your views on this????
    (im sure MUIR will give us the verdict)

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    The theory of a boat tail is that it causes less air resistance by reducing turbulence in the wake of the bullet.

    If the bloke in the gun shop thinks for one minute that making the last few mm of your bullet slightly sloped is going to create significantly and measurably more turbulence and "disruption" in the moderator than lighting up a column of powder and expelling extremely high temperature gas at velocities approaching 6000fps followed by a 150 grain (say) lead and alloy bullet at 3000fps then I personally think he needs his bumps felt.

    I might be wrong, I usually am, but I'd not put a lot of store by his advice in the future :-)

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    You beat me to it with this one Mick. I have just worked up a load using Sierra gamekings with a boat tail and a mate suggested to try a pro hunter as he thought a flat base would be better (he had some science to back this up). I might buy a box of pro hunters at the CLA to try.


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    I had been on nosler patitons BT 100g through my .243, got some pro hunters FB because I was told there are very good with little meat damge etc. Grouping was very good indeed with the prohunters but so are the Nosler in the loads I put together. And I can say they goruped just the same.


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    "" The theory of a boat tail is that it causes less air resistance by reducing turbulence in the wake of the bullet. ""

    Actually it's been a proven fact for over 100 years. However the boat tail does really show any benefits under 300 yards. if you can get a look in the Vhit 1st Edition reloading manual it has all the science about bullet shapes including the drage and turbulance photos in it. Very interesting.

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    welllll thats a new one, these RFD's, some of them anyway, very, very, very clever blokes, probably never fired a rifle but knows whats happening with the gases from a fired cartridge, Hey Ho!!! you haven't been to bloxwich have you?

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    I like `boat tails` as their pointed arses make them easier to stuff into the case neck when re-loading !


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    There was a study done here in the US on boat-tails and it was found that the ballistic benefits really don't show up til about 600 yards from a 30 caliber in 308. Shoot'em if you like 'em but I won't pay extra for them.~Muir

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    I'm thinking your local gunshop has a job lot of flat based bullets to flog!

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    For those sad enough to care or suffering from insomnia (i'm the former), can i suggest the book, Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting.

    Muir is correct in that studies have shown that the ballistic benefits for larger calibres doesn't really become apparent until longer ranges, however the shortcomings of flat based bullets becomes more of an issue at quite short ranges. For some of the smaller calibres as little as 150-200yds. I have never seen nor heard of any evidence to show that flat based bullets are better/more accurate when using a moderator.

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