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Thread: after reading another post i thought i would introduce mysel

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    after reading another post i thought i would introduce mysel

    well hi guys I'm Farley new to this forum

    a bit about my self and what i do

    well my name is Russ I'm 16 YO I'm training to be a joiner at the moment.

    i shoot fullbore and small bore target shooting i also shoot shotgun and air rifle.

    i love to go out hunting, well generally just being out in the fields.

    this is a pic of me at about 4am after a good night out with the night vision

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    Welcome aboard Russ!
    Trainee joiner, very wise. There are far too few tradesmen about, so give it a few years and you will be most sought after, well done!
    Enjoy the site,

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    Well done Russ,
    Glad to see some younger blood on here. I hope we can answer your questions and help you out a bit with the hunting.

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    well done russ,so its rabbit stew all round then.welcome to the site mate.

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    cheers guys thanks for a worm welcome

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    Hi Russ
    Welcome to the site,you'll learn lots on here theyr'e a cracking bunch.
    All the best,

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    well russ91
    were are the recipes for that rabbit pie then, mixed with a few diced pigeon breasts and a few veg cooked as a hot pot bloody marvelous
    welcome to the site hope you learn alot

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    Well done Russ. Here, here to the comments above.

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    here is my favorite rabbit one

    ingredients: 2 rabbits each cut into six pieces,200g flour,salt&pepper, thyme leaves i sprig finely chopped, 4 to six tablespoons of good olive oil, 1 lemon sliced,20 sage leaves chopped,6 garlic cloves sliced,1 chilli,half bottle of white wine,600ml game stock,chopped parsley to garnish... THE COOKING! season the flour wiv the salt and pepper and thyme.put flour on plate and dust the rabbit pieces all over.heat half the oil in a casserole dish over a high heat and brown the rabbit.add the remaining oil to the casserole and the sliced lemon.cook for a further 5mins until the lemon starts to caramalise.add the sage,garlic an chilli chop th chilli up.cook for 3to 4mins.add white wine and stock,and season,then simmer for 45 to 50 mins,or until tender, remove the rabbit from the casserole, and increase the heat until it is reduced to a syrupy liquid,and then put the rabbit back and sprinkle with chopped parsley!!! nice with a good white wine, or in my case a nice SCRUMPY!!! ENJOY!!!

    and for pigeon

    Cover about 8 breasts with pork dripping, put them in a casserole dish, add some red wine and a few mushrooms. Cook very slowly until meat is tender.

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