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Thread: Variation Rules Again...

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    Variation Rules Again...


    Just for the interest of some, I have a friend who has a .222 and wanted another centerfire for all deer species, so he spoke to his FLO, his response was, Yes that's fine you can have a .270, but you have to be supervised for a year until that can be lifted or do DSC1, not so much of an issue really as he hopes to DSC1 as well as do some stalking with me so its not a major drama, but the appearance of 1 year supervision limit was a new one to me, have never heard of a time limit in terms of days, months or years before let alone one as long as that...



    Sussex BTW

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    Hi mate, hope your well. When i applyed for my FAC I also had a similar condition put on my ticket, its stated that I had to be supervised by a competent stalker. My FLO said to me after I have been accompanied and culled some deer (minimum of 4 outings with the competent stalker) I can get a letter sent in signed by the stalker saying I am safe etc etc and get the condition removed,however I too have never herd of such a condition beeing implemented for such a lengthy time.

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    Alex another case of postcode lottery

    My FLO gave me a 243 and put deer (legal ones) on my 223 at the drop of a hat, no dsc 1.
    spoke to her again last week about a 308 and she said no probs just send the forms in.

    This whole firearms terms Bull***T makes me mad and luckily it does not effect me.

    Hope your well Alex

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    223:- We seem to be well blessed with the Staffs Fire Arms Admin, even after I managed to make a cock-up with my variation from rimmy to CF, two phone calls from them to me, my return calls to them including raising my ammo quota for reloading, all done in less than 3 weeks including bank holiday, may it always be so.....callie

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    Guys don't get me wrong, personally I have always been very lucky with Sussex, I have never had any problems and they have always looked after my requests if I have tried to get things moving, and my FLO is very good... I also don't necessarily disagree with conditions being implemented, however a for me a length of time means nothing in stalking, he could go once or 100 times in a year... In the end of the day it seems the guidelines for FLO's aren't so clear or for someone in the hierarchy, this may well be what they now believe should be the correct length of time for a new stalker who doesn't have DSC1, but living in a highly Beaurocratic world of firearms licensing that we do, it seems strange conditions are so ambiguously issued with very little detail to fact shown...

    Anyway it is just an example and nothing too new...


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    I had a similar condition attached to mine by the Wiltshire firearms Dept. They argued the case from a animal welfare perspective as I had smaller rifle experince but no stalking.

    Apparently they don't actually have a right to do this as a firearms certificate is about whether you're safe to have the firearm, there is no mandate to police animal welfare and competence in that departmant. The BASC will take on the case if your mate is overly worried about it but it doesn't seem so. I just went off and did DSC 1 as I thought it would be useful and the restriction was removed on completion of the course successfully.



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    Neilaj i am a superviser to a lad [23] that has had a 22,250 for a good few years now but when he applied for a larger centre fire the flo rang me and said dont sign him off for 2 years or 4 succsesful stalks which ever comes first .
    I can still remember when i was first granted a 30.06 a goood few years ago now i know but the flo sayed well err um i suppose it will be ok to have a 30.06 but it is an awfull lot of gun to use on deer , unbelievable you couldnt make it up could you i think its about time they all sang from the same song sheet and stopped appling thier own counties personal set of rules.

    Rant over im off stalking now where did i put those blood presure pills

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    Hi mate. Unfortunately for us sussex boys the lady in charge doesnt have a clue . She reads the book of wisdom and looks for anything she can to stop us shooting. Definitey an ANTI
    She tries to put time restrictions on everything rather than allowing for experience in the field. Best way around it will be to send in a couple of letters from " open certificate holders " praising his prowess with a rifle.

    ATB Steve

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    I can well understand all your frustrations people, I would reckon that if we have any sort of shooting left after these recent unfortunate events, B.A.S.C. & any other orgs should pull together & take this bull**** by the horns & force the issue, at least to bring some sensibillity into things, Steve, in the centre of the licensing dungheap.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    North Wales is very good.

    I called them to ask about changing my .243 slot to a 6.5x55. They said that the FLO may call or come out to see me but that because i also have a 30-06 on there it was unlikely. I posted my certificate off and 4 days later, there it was sitting on the door mat!

    There was a mistake on it so i could actually have a 605mm rifle so i called them and they said 'no problems, we will send you a new one today and send yours back to us'

    I have also asked them to change the 6.5x55 to a 6.5mm and the 30-06 to a .30cal so we will se what they have done when i get home tonight.

    Seems like some people are lucky where they live and others arent so lucky (now if only there were some deer in North Wales)


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