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Thread: Lightweight Titanium/alloy moderator, custom one off.

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    Lightweight Titanium/alloy moderator, custom one off.

    As some of you know I help my mate out you is one of the UKs manufactures/supplies of Moderators. Doing a bit of R&D I made this one off prototype, some of the members on here have already seen this in the metal.

    It is a modular design so I can add baffles for use on bigger calibres, the outer body is made of aircraft grade 7075 aluminium but the removable baffles are made of grade 5 Titanium alloy. It is 145mm long and 38mm in diameter all front mount of course.

    Sorry guys it will not be going into production, as my mate has a better easier to manufacture moderator in development.



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    Looks like a nice piece of engineering! How much does it weigh and how does it perform?

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    Hi CSL

    Thanks for you comment on the engineering, it weighs 260gm which is just under 2oz more than a A-Tec CCM, the wall thinkness is a bit over engineered and the Titanium baffles weigh a bit more than the CCM alloy ones, so it is only to be excpected.

    The performance is about the same as my steel CCM A-Tec.



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    wont the alloy heat up and expand differently to the titainium so things could work loose,i prsume you havnt tested this yet ???

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