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Thread: apel swing off mounts ...... what do you boys think ?

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    apel swing off mounts ...... what do you boys think ?

    just bought a beautiful krico with apel swing off mounts but it keeps going off zero ....
    help ? do i need a pair of static apel mounts ???

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    Mine never did -- over 20 years on a Steyr. check rifle + ammo combination by bore sighting. Could it be your scope? Is the rifle bedded in the stock correctly?
    I would suggest to check your kit bit by bit.

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    Are the mounts set up correctly? Fitting a set of Apels is a bit more involved than slapping them on and twisting the scope in. I have a Sauer 202 which back up Goingback's comment. 15 years for me so far and never so much as a wobble.
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    12+ yrs on my 458 and not a single problem,but to set them up properly is a bit more involved than alot of people realise.
    Once the`re set up you`ll never have a problem and won`t want to change them

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    I have a pair of Apel swing Offs on my Shoenaur M72 and I havent had any trouble in 30 years with it ,It may be your scope or it may be the wrong size diam scope tube for the rings
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    As stated I have a set on both my 30.06 & 25.06 both Sauer 202, never had a problem with them. They do need setting up correctly

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    Mine were on my sauer 90 when I got it, so dont know about setting them up. But i can say that they retain their zero fantastically. I can even remove them and replace them a few times and the next time i come to shoot they're perfectly back on zero - I like them soooo much i'm trying to buy another set - but the prices are stupid at 395 - stick with them peeblesman, once you get them sorted you'll love them. If not there's a ready market for them (right here - pm me, but i wont hold my breath ........... laffin)

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    I've got Apel swing off mounts on my Heym-Rugers. Never had any trouble in over 30 years.

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    apel swing offs

    thanks guys... i will strip down and check everything ... had a set of static apels years ago ... never any bother. so hope to sort this out. thanks to all who replied.

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    Apologies for hijacking this thread although it is related.... I'm currently away from my rifle (will be for another 2 weeks) but may have an option on a new scope, here's the question. My Sauer 200 came with Apel swing off mounts with a Swarovski 6 x 42. I'm in the market for a new scope, ideally with an illuminated reticle, that will likely have 30mm tube. Can I buy just a set of rings or will i need to start again? An obvious question for most probably but I can't be sure and it will obviously add to the price of any scope purchase. Sportsmans have the following: SM017 APEL Rings (High 30mm) will these do the trick?
    I know the easiest solution would be to stick with a one inch tube but everything around I'm looking at (Swaro 8x56 or S&B 2.5-10x56) seem to be 30mm.
    Thanks in advance,

    p.s. or should I go for something different such as Optilock rings and bases?!
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