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Thread: guilty as charged

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    guilty as charged

    Hi all

    Well after Mr B's ticking off here go's

    My name is Joe Lewis (did you guess that) i'm a 37 yr old father of three boys (2yrs 5yrs 7yrs all keen on shooting) my poor wife.

    I live in north wilts but grew up in glos in a farming family(grand parents)
    i work in construction, instructing /assessing crane drivers(tower cwaler ect) for there CPCS / NVQ's awards
    I have shot most of my life, air rifles, shoot guns, small cal full bore, for (game/ pest,vermin control and the pot of course.

    I was the newbie who has just ordered tikka 25.06 thanks for all your help. This truly a good site with genuine members who i am happy to be part of

    Hope thats enough

    Ps. "save trees eat Beaver" Think about it........ also "they dont like it up um captin Manering" "don't panick don't panick"



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    well done joe,we have got friends who run a pub in shrivenham are you near them mate,loads of deer around there and beer

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    Hi Tika. 308

    Not far from there about 25mins by car so no worries if they need any help with any shooting / drinking


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    ok joe.i will let you know next time we are down that way mate.

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    Hi Joe,
    Well done mate. Are you coming to the Quex Museum visit?

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    hi joe not a ticking off ,
    more like mr motivator but with out the leotard

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    i have heard mr b

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    What is it with you and dressing up like a member of the village people Please tell me that you will become to the museum dressed in something decent mate Welcome to the site Joe, which side of shrivenham you on mate, it is not very far away from me?

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    No Alled I'm coming dressed as Holly Johnson in the 'Frankie Goes to Hollywood' video 'Relax'.

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