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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone

    my name is simon and live in barnsley.
    Ive just started stalking this year and passed my DSC1 in april, ive had my first red stag and roe buck on my last visit to scotland and hoping to have some more luck on my trip next week.


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    hi tbone
    welcome to the site ,some really good guys on here to learn from ,glad to see some more yorkys on the form

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    Nice one Boner nice to see you've found something to do at work

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    Hello i'm Martin from Penistone, S.Yorks,
    I've been Stalking for 2 years now as a follower/watcher, i've recently passed my DSC level 1 and got my licence through. Got booked in for September for 3 days stalking. Hoping to shoot my first 1.
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    Hiya tbone and EEKS.

    I'm thinking of doing my DSC1 - how difficult was it ? Did you have to do a lot of revising for it or was it mostly common sense ?


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    Hi scrun

    Its mainly common sense but i would recomend using the deer quest or bds online trainning. I used the bds training manual for my test and fail the 50 question paper as i couldnt get my head round all the dates, i then used the deer quest cd and passed with ease.

    heyup eeks, yep this site gets some hammer on nights lol

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    Hi croc

    Thanks for the welcome. do you shoot round rippon?

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    Welcome to the site EEKS & BONE, not before time !!

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