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    Views please

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    I don't think you're going to notice any difference other than the price and the colour of the box.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    I don't like them usually use hornady boat tail 100g , tried interlock on roe bullet not expanding passing right through
    and deer running up to 80 yards before dropping, maybe just a bad batch but I won't use them again.

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    Have used the Grandslam in both .243 and .308 and liked them a lot .
    Picked up a number of them for a very good price , However when I ran out of them I found the normal price a bit too rich for my blood.
    They do have very good penetration , but found decent expansion also .
    Hornady soft point plenty good enough . Brough

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    i like the hornady interlock, and it is far cheaper than the grandslam. i think the grand slam is designed to have slower expansion and is a harder bullet. i have used the 100 gr one from my 243, i think the number is 2450

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    This is a 129 grain 6.5 Interlock, not a 6mm, but it was taken from a 125 pound whitetail doe hit at 200M. It did a lot of killing in short order. Good expansion and 94% weight retention.~Muir
    Click image for larger version. 

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    (I know I've posted this pic before but it seemed pertinent.)

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    I was the mug - because I did plenty of culling - who was given a consignment of Grandslam by Speer in order to see how they perfomed on red deer and calves. I had been in touch with Speer regarding their boat tail bullets in .243 with which I was unhappy, and was asked if i would like to undertake the task. This was when the Grandslam in .243 were developed after the larger calibres were found to work OK.

    I worked up reduced loads, then full powder loads - 'found that they liked the same amount of RE19 or 22 as the other 100 grain bullets I used at the time - namely Norma semi-pointed soft point and Speer soft pointed, boat tail spitzers, and later the Speer round nose 105 grain.

    The grandslam had it's first kill on an early morning foray when I spotted Charlie heading off home. He just dropped. For a hill fox he was far enough out that he didn't spot me before I did him. I was lucky.

    A couple of weeks of hinds and calves passed and I was able to let Warren Cloninger - Speer's ballistician at the time, know of my findings. Warren was a good bit older than me so I don't know if he is still in the 'land of the leal', but he was a nice friendly fellow and sent me a signed, updated version of the Speer handbook.

    Personaly:- Grandslam do work. However, the cheaper and cheerful bullets in Speer, Sierra and Hornady kill extremely effectively so why waste your money on more expensive stuff unless your barrel DEMANDS some specific brand and model in order to stabilise them.

    I know of a .243 barrel, hand-lapped by Shilen, which was removed from a brand new rifle because it would not stabilise the various bullets available to the shooter.
    It was later put on another rifle and it was found by trial and error that it would only accept RWS 100 grain.

    It was before this when Norma went through a bad patch with their .270 ammo. They had been taken over by RWS and things seemed to change.
    Then the .243 ammo began to alter in characteristics and I got in touch with their ballistician who was a very amenable sort of bloke. We corresponded about the hardness of jacket alloy and core, and a consignment of their new ammo was sent over for testing. I wrote endless reports - no typewriter for me in those days - and a fairly satisfying result was achieved.
    A part of the problem was that the alloys were much the same but the characteristics of the powder had changed. There was a world shortage of egyptian cotton so other, cheaper cottons were imported in order to mix with the nitro chemicals and produce an extrudable compound.
    This changed the powder burning efficiency.

    It was significant that at the same time, the quality of waxed cotton cothing changed. Not for the better.

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    Two years ago I shot a muntjac at about twenty-five yards range for the first (AND ONLY) time using Hornady 243 Winchester Light Magnum ammunition.

    This is loaded to about 3,100fps with the standard Hornady Interlock 100 grain bullet. And the estate stipulated "factory loaded" ammunition only and that was all I could get at the time in that weight in that calibre.

    I would not on the results want to use that bullet at that velocity again at that range. Having just replaced the 243 Winchester with a 6mm Remington especially so.

    Having posed the question on the various US forums the "best" seems to be either the Nosler Partition in 100 grains (personally I have my doubts because they don't have a reputation for accuracy and I don't like the "nose wipe" issue) or the new Remington Core-Lokt Ultra in 100 grain.

    One poster reported 3/4" accuracy with the Remington Core-Lokt Ultra out of his Browning X-Bolt.

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    Hello Enfieldspares :- Did the estate give a reason for factory ammo only / Was it an insurance issue ? It sounds like the sensible sector being penalised for the actions of a few all over again.

    In the case of the estate I used to work-for, the stalkers as employees no longer reload for their rifles as it is assumed in these days of encouraged litigation that there might be insurance issues if a client handling an estate rifle under supervision only, had an accident.

    I was never very impressed with Nosler partition for accuracy, and they certainly had no better killing qualities on red deer than the less expensive bullets.
    Frankly, in .243, what sort of animal requires the penetration and killing qualities advertised by Nosler ?

    Maybe wild boar in Britain, if you would use such a small round.

    I assume that the advertised qualities of a partition bullet, in larger calibres, maybe beginning with .270 and certainly .300 upwards would come into its own on larger game animals.

    My experience stops at red deer stag size. Soft-skinned game, therefore my experience is limited to the deer in these isles - and a few pigs which had become semi-feral, large and cunning and out of control.

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