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Thread: Lightweight moderaters

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    Lightweight moderaters

    Does anyone think that the weight of a mod could have an effect on muzzle flip thus have an effect on seeing bullet strike.

    I am talking specifically about .308 using a northstar compared to a cmm4.


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    has any body got a view on this or have i not explained my question too well?


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    When I tried a selection of different weight mods on my sauer 202 I found the heavier the mod the tighter the groups and the less muzzle flip I got.

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    Logic would sujest that a heavier mod would reduce muzzle flip, i just wonderd what the reality would be.

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    I shoot a .308 scout with t8 and get 1cm groups at 100 metres with lapua 180 grains. I think the t8 is quite heavy and i never see strike because of flip. Scout is a short rifle though. Designed more for quick acquisition.

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    I had a r93 with a 19 inch barrel and a short wildcat mod and i couldnt see the strike when fired from the bi pod, i think barrel lenght would have an effect on muzzle flip.

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