Hi Guys,
Just stumbled on this site while googling teckels (explain later). To really deaden this post.....I am not a stalker. Used to stalk - but not huge numbers - and also enjoyed numerous other fieldsports.

These days my time in the countryside is spent either lure angling or watching/photographing large mammals - badgers, deer fox etc.

Reason for googling teckels, we recently bought a standard smooth dachshund, purely as a pet, indeed the first 'pet' dog I have ever owned and since owning him have been intrigued by hi nature/characteristics. His nose is as good as my previous lab.
I would like another, again as a pet, country comanion, fishing buddy but would prefer working strain just to ensure more robustness and physical ability. I have booked a pup from John at Darswed but that will be late 2011 (his next litter all spoken for) so in the meantime I often read up on 'net to find out a bit more.

Apologies in advance if I don't look in to often.

The site below is particularly interesting. See vids under the 'listings of dogs' section