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Thread: removable shooting sticks

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    removable shooting sticks

    I have been watching a mikael tham roe calling DVD in which he uses telescopic shooting sticks that appear to be put on and taken off a rifle by clip without screws.

    Can anyone tell me what these are called please and where to order them from?



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    Sound like the Stony Point ones.


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    Cheers Neil,

    I have had a look and I think they may be different, the ones on the DVD have a flat bit at the top a bit like a capital T and a yellow badge on the leg.

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    Why don't you contact Mikael Tham through is website. i had a look at it earlier, some of the dvd's look really good.

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    I use Stoney Point, and they're really good - just be careful with canting the rifle,,,they're not as stable as Harris.

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