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Thread: Repairer for Leica Bins

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    Repairer for Leica Bins

    I seem to be having a problem with my binoculars,left hand side wont focus properly.Leica have quoted me 450 to repair them !Does anyone know anywhere in UK that could sort them for me .many thanks Paul.

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    Glasgow Binocular Repair search this thread, you will find loads of talk on this subject.
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    One in Southampton, if that's any closer.


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    Don't bother with Leica UK, their service is department is about as much use as a dog turd up the isle at a wedding!

    They would just love to sell you some new ones though!

    As I have found to my own cost!

    Regs Lee

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    There is a company called action optics who will repair youre leicas.I will agree with lee that leicas service dept is piss poor they charged me 380 quid to replace two eye pieces and to replace a focus ring that fell off whilst stalking

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    That really surprises me, i just put a pair of Trinovids in for a check and on calling they said there was a slight issue but instead of fixing them they would exchange them for a brand new pair (they keep quite a lot of stock of old models) What i got back was just outstanding. I know they are closing down the head office and repairs are going to Germany as of August. Gary ( head of repairs) is off to Zeiss.

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    many thanks for your responses I shall try all your suggestions. Paul

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    I am not knocking the quaility of the optics atall, as I use 10x42 BN's & love them, however I had real agro with an LRF range finder a few years ago as I lost the rubber depression button, they as a company could not get hold of a replacment one-even though at that time they were still a currant model.

    They were as much use as a chockie teapot & jaut paid me lip service I feel.

    Like I said I do love their kit though, but the UK service has been very poor.

    Regs Lee

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