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Thread: Hello to everybody

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    Hello to everybody

    My name is Eddie and i am from Cannock in Staffs. I have very limited experience in stalking, but am vastly experienced with certain firearms. I have stalked twice in Dorset and have been to kings forest in Thetford. I thoroughly enjoyed kings forest. Dorset was a good experience too. I would like to be able to learn locally, cannock chase is on my doorstep and has a good population of deer. I see a lot of fallow when out running. I would like to be able to learn locally for obvious financial reasons. I would be grateful if anyone can help me with this. Thankyou.

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    Hi Eddie,
    Welcome to the site from an ex Cannocker. Spring Street to be precise as a child many years ago. I presume your stalk in Kings Forest was with BASC, how was it? There appears to be a growing chapter of stalkers on the site from Staffordshire and I am sure you will get help in one way or another.


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