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Thread: meopta 7 x50

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    meopta 7 x50

    meopta artemis 7x50 whats the verdict ?

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    Zer Gut.

    Optically not quite up to the very best of the German and Austrians but damn close for reasonable money.

    I have one on my 30.06. no problems in 3 years and a few beasts in varying conditions to it's name.

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    I have one also, had it for about six years now. I have to agree totally with Grandhubert not quite as good as Schmidt but very very close to it.

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    When they were being 'smuggled' into Germany, before todays free trade, some of my German friends classed them as good as Schmidt and Bender for clarity but, of course being made of steel, were very heavy.
    The ones I have seen recently have all been excellent.
    Meopta have been making lenses for cameras for many years so the glass cannot be faulted and a 7 x 50 combination is excellent for light gathering.

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    I recently bought a Meopta 3-12 x56 30mm. I also own an 8x56 30mm S & B.

    I believe the light gathering is better than ther Schmidt. And there is nothing in the clarity.

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    I have an old 7x50A and it's very good. I also have a small Meopta 3x prepov scope for the Brno No2 that was made probably in the 40's or 50's so they have been making scopes for a long time.

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    I have 3 of them. 6x42 on the .243 and 7x50s on the .22 and .22 mag. Very good scopes for the money and the built in range finder is spot on.


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    GREAT scope. Years ago I compared two scopes mounted on a rifle. I didn't own any of the rifles or scopes. Meaopta 7x50 versus Swarovski 3-9x42AV. The owner of the Swarovski helped doing the test. Both scopes have a 1 inch tube. The Meopta has a 8mm larger front lens. Whe had both rifles/scopes on a sandbag and looking at the posts of a fence. Checking how good you could see the attachements of the fence(barbed wire) on the posts etc.... Conclusion of both me and my friend. The Meopta was by far the better scope. Much brighter and stronger in low light. Certainly adding 10/15 minutes to the shooting time. Don't hestitate on buying a Meopta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJ75 View Post
    I recently bought a Meopta 3-12 x56 30mm.
    I have had this on my .243 from day one. excellent bit of kit. takes a good hammering.
    one thing i would say is eye relief is a little longer than some which suits me as i lean in on my stock and the big tube only allowed me to bring it forward so much.
    from me

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    i have a 7 x 50 on my .22 rimfire, it's a brilliant scope, the only thing i do find is the cross hair is very thin and makes it a little harder to see at last light. (not sure which recticle it is)

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