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    Well before we know it the cover will be gone and does will be the order of the day. Have there been and developments in bipods and how light and effect they are or is the Harris type still the best. What i would like is a very light easy on easy off bipod that has the ability to swivel any one seen anything on the market thats suits that discription.

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    choc google ant-supplies they have some real quality ones

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    Harris still make the best and the only one worth having. IMO.

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    How many of us are using the Sniper Systems ones now. I bought one on Sat and by looks the quality appears to be of good build but a lot lighter than the Harris.

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    Only hard usage and time on the rifle will determine whether the quality is there.

    Their quest to drop a few ounces off the Harris design by reducing the wall thickness of the materials especially the tubes gives me grave cause for concern. Having your bipod fail just at the moment of taking that vital shot could have some very unfortunate consequences.

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    Global rifle bipod for me, harris are good but the global rifle has the edge only a little lighter but more usable.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	1991Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	1990 This is what i use a 8.00 plastic bipod I glued a piece of Deer antler to underside of my forend (modified sling swivel on my other rifle) Bipod very cheap, rifle light as not permant ficture dont dig in your back i carry bipod in my pocket take's second to fit and you can shoot as accurate with it as ANY Harris bypod these pic's are of my .300 Win-Mag

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