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Thread: nikon 5.5 16.5x44

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    nikon 5.5 16.5x44

    hi all,

    anyone have any experience of Nikon 5.5 16.5x44 scope's? I tried a general search but
    didn't find anything.

    regards jedi

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    I have one on my 17 hmr. works well with this rifle. Had it on my cz 601 .243 for a bit but it was a pain with eye relief and just didnt work for me ie head position required didnt feel right. I could have mucked about with lower mounts cheek pieces shortening stock etc but lifes too short. plus points, glass good decent reticle etc. minus points finicky eye relief objective paralax (this may be side wheel on newer models). I have to say I like a bog std fixed power fixed parallax scope for stalking.

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    I got one bundled with a Savage model 10 rifle i bought some time ago. The rifle was pretty good but the scope was a pile of *****. The lenses were average at best but the worst was that i was forever adjusting it - i could never get a comfortable and decent scope picture.

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    nikon scope

    not had the same experience as you
    5 shots 1hole
    whats the quote a bad workman?

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    shooting a target it was fine but for stalking I didnt like it.

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